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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Globuligerina gulekhensis Gorbachik & Poroshina 1979

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Globuligerina gulekhensis

Citation: Globuligerina gulekhensis Gorbachik & Poroshina 1979
Rank: Species
Type specimens: Not available
Type age (chronostrat): Lower Berriasian
Type locality: SE Crimea
Type repository: Not available

Current identification/main database link: Conoglobigerina gulekhensis (Gorbachik & Poroshina, 1979)

Original Description

Test small, diameter no more than 0.25 mm, high-trochoid; test outline subquadrate, sharply lobate. The coil making up the initial whorls is somewhat off-center relative to the last whorl and sharply demarcated from its surface. Peripheral margin broad, rounded. Test consists of 12-13 chambers, forming 2½-3 whorls. Chambers of initial whorls spherical or ellipsoidal, closely appressed. In the last whorl there are four subspherical chambers, more freely arranged. Dimensions of chambers in each whorl increase gradually; the chambers of the early whorls differ markedly in size. Septal sutures depressed straight. Umbilicus shallow, narrow. Aperture opens into umbilicus, arcuate, has a barely noticeable lip. Test wall finely perforate, surface appears smooth under a binocular microscope at x96, when studied with the electron microscope (x1000 and x3000) a clearly expressed cancellate structure is visible. The cells are roughly rectangular, divided by broad, high, smoothed-off ridges. Cells reach 2 µm in size. Pores round or oval, located mainly inside the cells, there are single pores on the ridges as well. There are two orders of pores - small, around 0.33 µm in size; and large - up to 1 µm. Small pores predominate.



Extra details from original publication

Editors' Notes


Gorbachik, T. N. & Poroshina, L. A. (1979). Новые планктонные фораминиферы из берриасских отложений Азербайджана [New planktonic foraminifera from the Berriasian of Azerbaijan]. Paleontologicheskiy Zhurnal. 3: 22-28. gs


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