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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Hastigerinella watersi Cushman 1931

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Hastigerinella watersi

Citation: Hastigerinella watersi Cushman 1931
taxonomic rank: Species
Type specimens: 15748
Type age (chronostrat): Santonian
Type locality: Eastern slope of the deep road cut between two railroad underpasses near the northern edge fo the town of Howe, Grayson County, TX
Type repository: Washington; USNM

Linked specimens: USNM-15749 USNM-15748

Current identification/main database link: Eohastigerinella watersi (Cushman, 1931)

Original Description

Test slightly trochoid, the spire very much compressed so that all the chambers appear to be nearly in one plane; earliest chambers subglobular and very small compared to the later ones, the spire which they form being in a depressed area of the dorsal side, later chambers gradually increasing in size, and is the adult whorl becoming more and more elongate, the final chambers being about 5 times as long as broad, the base widest, thence gradually and slightly tapering toward the outer end, which is again expanded to form a slightly bulbous tip; sutures distinct, depressed; wall finely spinose throughout, the outer end of each chamber slightly coarser, and possibly forming the base of elongate spines; aperture on the vestral side, and extending toward the periphery, with a slight overhanging lip.


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