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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Muricoglobigerina dukhani Hewaidy and Al-Hitmi 1994

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Muricoglobigerina dukhani

Citation: Muricoglobigerina dukhani Hewaidy and Al-Hitmi 1994
Rank: Species
Described on page(s) : 16-17
Type specimens: Fig. 6: 1-3
Type sample (& lithostrat): sample no. 7 in the Umm er Radhuma Formation [member (B)] at well (B), Dukhan Field.
Type age (chronostrat): late Early Eocene
Type locality: Gebel Dukhan, west Qatar.

Current identification:

Original Description

Diagnosis: Compressed early whorls, which raised on the level of the base of the final whorl, very coarsely pustules on the wall surface.

Description: Medium sized test, very high trochospiral; equatorial periphery lobate; axial periphery rounded, five subglobular to ovate chambers in the last whorl, moderetaly increasing in size as added; the early two whorls are composed of small globular chambers and representing a high trochospire at the center of the spiral view; sutures depressed and radial on both sides; umbilicus wide and shallow; wall calcareous perforate; surface with coarse pustules (muricate); aperture interiomarginal to extraumbilical with arch.

L: 0.29-0.53 mm; W: 0.21-0.41 mm; T: 0.12-0.23 mm.

This species is named after Gebel Dukhan, west Qatar.

Extra details from original publication
This species is commonly recorded in the lower members (A) and (B) of the Early Eocene, Umm er Radhuma Formation in all the studied wells. It was recorded from core samples at wells (A) and (B) in member (B) of the Umm er Radhuma Formation which is assigned to the Acarinina broedermanni/ Acarinina pentacamerata Zone of late Early Eocene age.

The raised early worls on the spiral side of the test and the coarse pustules on the surface differentiate this species from any other Muricoglobigerina species. This species is assigned to the genus Muricoglobigerina for its high trochospiral side and the muricate wall surface.

Editors' Notes


Hewaidy, A. A. & Al-Hitmi, H. (1994). Cretaceous–Early Eocene foraminifera from Dukhan Oil Field, West Qatar, Arabian Gulf. MERC Ain Shams Univ Earth Sci. 8: 1-24. gs


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