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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Planomalina praebuxtorfi Wonders 1975

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Planomalina praebuxtorfi

Citation: Planomalina praebuxtorfi Wonders 1975
taxonomic rank: Species
Type specimens: T222
Type sample (& lithostrat): level of sample SP 323
Type age (chronostrat): upper Albian
Type locality: Nine meters above the base of the 164 m thick El Burrueco section, located 1 km northwest of El Burrueco village, along the road from El Burrueco to Arjona, province of Jaen, southern Spain. Also found in southern France, and questionably in the Bavaria
Type repository: Utrecht University, Netherlands

Current identification/main database link: Planomalina praebuxtorfi Wonders 1975

Original Description

"Test planispiral, rather deeply umbilicate, equatorial periphery subangular to angular, lobulate in outline, with either a keel or irregular rugosities or both, wich only occur on the earlier part of the last whorl. The last 2 or more chambers are unornamented. Sutures depressed, curved, bordered at their posterior side by more or less well-developed rugosities on the earlier part of the last whorl, thus giving the impression of being raised. At least the last suture remains unornamented. Chambers rounded triangular in apertural view, reniform in lateral view. There are 6-8, mostly 7 chambers in the last whorl, increasing gradually in size as added. Aperture an equatorial arch, interiomarginal in position, extending on either side into the umbilicus and backwards to the spiral suture, and bordered by a distinct lip. The lateral umbilical extensions of earlier apertures remain visible as relict apertures with their lips. Wall perforate, covered with small pustules, which, in the earlier part of the last whorl, tend to concentrate to form a keel and raised sutures."


Wonders, A. A. H. (1975). Cretaceous planktonic foraminifera of the Planomalina buxtorfi Group from El Burrueco , Southern Spain. Proceedings of the Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen. 78(2): 83-93. gs


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