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Rotundina ordinaria Subbotina 1953
= Muricohedbergella delrioensis


Citation: Rotundina Subbotina 1953
taxonomic rank: Genus
Type species: Globotruncana stephani Gandolfi, 1942
Type specimens: Globotruncana stephani - type species

Current identification:

Original Description

Translation from the Russian. - Test with more or less highly inflated, sometimes spherical chambers, distinctly separated from one another by depressed sutures which are radially arranged on the ventral side. Umbilical ends of chambers elongate, sometimes with characteristic extraumbilical outgrowths. Umbilicus open. Peripheral margin broadly rounded, smooth, either without akeel, with one keel which disappears in the last chamber, or with two keels which are weakly defined in some species of this genus. Aperture near the umbilical ends of the chambers, extending quite far along the marginal suture. There is a well-defined outgrowth of the wall near the aperture of all Rotundinas. Taken together, these out- growths surround the umbilicus in the form of a wide rim. Wall coarsely spinose; the spines on the ventral side are larger than on the dorsal. Spines may be uniformly distributed on the en t ire surface of the test or, in keeled forms, they may be concentrated mainly on the septal rims of the dorsal side and on the keel. Family Globorotaliidae. Cenomanian to Maestrichtian.

Extra details from original publication
The Paleogene genus Acarinina Subbotina is very close to the Cretaceous genus Rotundina, differing in the complete absence of any traces of a keel and in the presence of a very narrow wall growth near the apertures instead of a wide rim, as in Rotundina.

The following species were included in the genus Rotundina by Subbotina in 1953 (op. cit.):


Subbotina, N. N. (1953). Foraminiferes fossiles d'URSS Globigerinidae, Globorotaliidae, Hantkeninidae. Bureau de Recherches Geologiques et Minieres. 2239: 1-144. gs


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