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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Rugoglobigerina Brönnimann 1952

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Rugoglobigerina? alpina Porthault 1969
= Whiteinella baltica
Rugoglobigerina jerseyensis Olsson 1960
= Globotruncanella petaloidea
Rugoglobigerina kingi Trujillo 1960

Rugoglobigerina lobatula Salaj 1983
= Rugoglobigerina hexacamerata
Rugoglobigerina macrocephala macrocephala Bronnimann 1952
= Rugoglobigerina macrocephala
Rugoglobigerina macrocephala ornata Bronnimann 1952
= Rugoglobigerina macrocephala
Rugoglobigerina mexicana Eternod Olvera 1959

Rugoglobigerina milamensis Smith&Pessagno 1973
= Rugoglobigerina milamensis
Rugoglobigerina praehelvetica Trujillo 1960
= Helvetoglobotruncana praehelvetica
Rugoglobigerina pseudorugosa Korchagin 2011

Rugoglobigerina reicheli hexacamerata Bronnimann 1952
= Rugoglobigerina hexacamerata
Rugoglobigerina reicheli pustulata Bronnimann 1952
= Rugoglobigerina rugosa
Rugoglobigerina reicheli reicheli Bronnimann 1952
= Plummerita reicheli
Rugoglobigerina rugosa pennyi Bronnimann 1952
= Rugoglobigerina pennyi
Rugoglobigerina rugosa rotundata Bronnimann 1952
= Kuglerina rotundata
Rugoglobigerina spinosa Masters 1993
= Rugoglobigerina spinosa
Rugoglobigerina tradinghousensis Pessagno 1967
= Rugoglobigerina rugosa


Citation: Rugoglobigerina Brönnimann 1952
taxonomic rank: Genus
Type species: Globigerina rugosa Plummer

Current identification/main database link: Rugoglobigerina Brönnimann 1952

See also: Rugoglobigerina (Rugoglobigerina) - also used a sub-genus;

Original Description

Test either Hantkenina-like or distinctly Globigerina- like, almost planispiral to trochoidal. Chambers of Hantkenina type with axially situated spines, those of Globigerina type rounded peripherally, truncate toward umbilicus. Sutures straight to slightly curved in direction of coiling. Apertures large, arcuate, directed toward umbilicus, occasionally with liplike projections. Umbilicus subcircular, as a rule large, deep, with covering plate. Surface ornamented by rugosities of various size and type, either distributed irregularly or arranged in rows radiating from a central point on the surface toward the aperture (meridional pattern).

Extra details from original publication
Remarks: The Upper Cretaceous genus Rugoglobigerina contains the hantkeninoid subgenus Plummerella and the Globigerina-like subgenus Rugoglobigerina, both of which carry the characteristic rugose surface, which in typical forms displays a peculiar meridional pattern, A further indication of relationship of these two subgenera is the occurrence of spines in the early stages and truncate Globigerina chambers in the late ontogenetic stages of some species. The covering plate across the umbilicus was not found in PlummereJla, but from the general morphology of the tests its presence has to be expected in v.-ell-preserved specimens. The genus Rugoglobigerina differs from all other Cretaceous and Tertiary Globigerinas by the strongly rugose, as a rule regularly ornamented surface, by a covering plate across the umbilicus, and by the development of hantkeninoid chambers and of truncate Globigerina chambers, with large arcuate apertures directed toward the umbilicus.

Occurrence: Upper Cretaceous, Trinidad, B. W. I., Eastern Venezuela, Texas, U. S. A., and Egypt.


Brönnimann, P. (1952c). Globigerinidae from the Upper Cretaceous (Cenomanian-Maestrichtian) of Trinidad, B. W. I. Bulletins of American Paleontology. 34(140): 1-70. gs


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