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Shastrina sundara Singh&Kalia 1970

Shastrina udbodhaka Singh&Kalia 1970


Citation: Shastrina Singh&Kalia 1970
taxonomic rank: Genus
Type species: Shastrina udbodhaka Singh and Kalia 1970

Current identification:

Original Description

Test helicospiral, initially triserial, gradually becoming biserial and ultimately uniserial. Chambers moderately inflated, wider than long; sutures distinct, depressed, oblique in the earlier stages but straight in the uniserial stage. Aperture loop-shaped with a raised border, interiomarginal in the specimens which have attained only the biserial stage, terminal and elliptical in outline in the specimens which have attained uniserial stage without any tooth or internal siphon. Wall calcareous coarsely perforate radial in microstructure; surface densely hispid.

The genus has been named in memory of Bharat Ratna Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri, the late Prime Minister of India.

Extra details from original publication
Comparison and affinities- The new genus Shastrina Singh and Kalia differs from Bifarina Parker and Jones (1872) in possessing an early triserial stage. It is distinguished from Woodringina Loehlich and Tappan (1957) in the development of the uniserial stage and in the persistence of the triserial stage for a greater number of ·whorls. Specimens of this genus are quite common in the material and are represented by the micro- and megalospheric generations of the two species. The type species has one to two distinctly developed chambers of the uniserial stage. The absence of any internal siphon or tooth plate distinguishes Shastrina gen. nov. from members of Buliminacea. The hispid and coarsely perforate nature of its test surface, radial bilamellar wall structure and the modification of the chamber arrangement over the genus Woodringina Loeblich and Tappan, i.e. attainment of uniseriality in the later stage of the test, has led us to include it in the subfamily Guembelitriinae of the family Heterohelicidae.

Editors' Notes
Proposed systematic placement in the article: Family: HETEROHELICIDAE Cushman (1927) Subfamily: GUEMBELITRIINAE Gallitelli (1957)
Both described species were from the Eocene. 
Type species was not expicitly designated but S. udbodhaka was described first and it is clear from the remakrs on the genus that this wasintnded to be the type species.


Singh, S. N. & Kalia, P. (1970). Shastrina—a new heterohelicid genus and new species of Pseudogloborotalia Haque and Chiloguembelina Loeblich and Tappan from Kirthars of Rajasthan, India. Proceedings of the Indian National Science Academy. 36, B: 166-174. gs


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