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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Turborotalia (Acarinina) vicespinuloinflata Samuel 1972

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Turborotalia (Acarinina) vicespinuloinflata

Citation: Turborotalia (Acarinina) vicespinuloinflata Samuel 1972
Rank: species
Type locality: Holotype (fig. 1 a-c) and one figured paratype (fig. 2a-c) from the brick kiln at Myjava, Myjavska Pahorkatina uplands, West Carpathian Mountains, Slovakia, Czechoslovakia; and other two figured paratypes (figs. 6a-c, 7a-c) from a depth of 18.6-20.3 meters in a borehole at Olaszfalu, Hungary.
Type age (chronostrat): Middle Eocene, upper Lutetian
Type sample (& lithostrat): upper part of the Turborotalia (Acarinina) crassata densa Zone; in association with Globorotalia pseudospinulosa Samuel, G. lensiformis Subbotina, G. pseudoscitula Glaessner, G. renzi Bolli, T. (A.) crassata densa (Cushman), T. (A.) wartsteinensis (Gohrbandt), T. (A.) mattseensis (Gohrbandt), Globigerapsis kugleri Bolli, Loeblich, and Tappan, Globigerina hagni Gohrbandt, G. eocaena Gumbel, G. linaperta Finlay, Globorotaloides suteri Bolli, Globanomalina eocaenica (Berggren), etc. More than one hundred specimens.
Type specimens: pl. 59, figs. la-c, 2a-c, 6a-c, 7a-c: : holotype (fig. la-c), no. 10679; and paratypes, nos. 10678 (fig. 2a-c), 10704 (fig. 6a-c), 10705 (fig. 7a~c).
Type repository: Bratislava ; Dionyz Stur Institute of Geology, Bratislava;

Current identification:

Original Description
Diagnosis. - The test is small, the dorsal side flat, or gently convex. In the last whorl are 4½-5 chambers subspherical or subangular in the axial part. Aperture at the base of the last chamber.
Description. - The test is coiled in a low trochospire, the dorsal side is flat or gently convex; the ventral convex. In the last of the 2½ whorls consists of 4½-5 slowly enlarging chambers. The equatorial profile is subcircular, the periphery is lobate; the axial periphery is oval to subangular. Sutures are depressed; curved on the spiral side, straight radial on the ventral. The umbilicus is small, deep. The aperture on the base of the last chamber is interiomarginal, umbilical-extraumbilical. 

Size: Size: diameter 0.2-0.3 mm., height 0.12-0.16 mm.

Extra details from original publication
"Carpathian forms are identical with the Trinidad forms described by H. M. Bolli ( 1957, loc. cit.) as Globorotalia spinuloinflata (Bandy) [Globigerina spinuloinflata, 1949]. The holotype of this species is characterized by rounded chamber peripheries, and in this it differs from the species desctibed. Its test morphology is very similar to Turborotalia (Acarinina) crassata densa (Cushman) [Pulvinulina crassata var. densa, 1925] to which it is most likely a synonym (cf. W. A. Berggren, 1960, Stockholm Contr. Geol., vol. 6, no. 5, p. 107; Berggren, 1966, Voprosy Mikropal., no. 10, p. 325; 0. L. Bandy, 1964, Micropaleontology, vol. 10, no. I , p. 6; and E. A. Pessagno, 1961, Micropaleontology, vol. 7, no. 3, p. 356). Turborotalia (Acarinina) vicespinuloinflata Samuel is the ancestral form of Globorotalia pseudospinulosa Samuel. 


Samuel, O. (1972a). New species of planktonic foraminifers from the Paleogene of the West Carpathians in Slovakia (Czechoslovakia). Zborník geologických vied, séria Západné Karpaty. 17: 217-221. gs


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