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Candeina d'Orbigny, 1839
= Candeina

Canderotalia Saito 1992

Candorbulina Jedlitschka 1934

Candorbulina universa

Carinoturborotalia BouDagher-Fadel 2012

Cassidulina d'Orbigny 1826

Cassidulina chipolensis
Cassidulina globulosa
Cassidulina winniana

Cassigerinella Pokorny, 1955
= Cassigerinella
Cassigerinella boudecensis
Cassigerinella eocaenica
Cassigerinella globolocula
Cassigerinella regularis
Cassigerinella spinata

Cassigerinelloita Stolk, 1965
= Cassigerinelloita
Cassigerinelloita amekiensis

Catapsydrax Bolli, Loeblich & Tappan, 1957
= Catapsydrax
Catapsydrax apenninicus
Catapsydrax echinatus
Catapsydrax golicynensis
Catapsydrax gortanii
Catapsydrax indianus
Catapsydrax parvulus
Catapsydrax prahovensis
Catapsydrax stainforthi
Catapsydrax unicavus
Catapsydrax venzoi

Caucasella Longoria 1974

Caucasella handousi

Chiloguembelina Loeblich and Tappan, 1956
= Chiloguembelina

Chiloguembelinella El-Naggar 1971

Chiloguembelitria Hofker 1978

Chiloguembelitria biseriata
Chiloguembelitria danica
Chiloguembelitria hofkeri
Chiloguembelitria trilobata

Ciperoella Olsson & Hemleben, in Olsson et al. 2018
= Ciperoella

Civisina Apellániz et al. 2002

Civisina euskalherriensis

Clavatorella Blow 1965
= Clavatorella
Clavatorella nicobarensis
Clavatorella paleocenica
Clavatorella salumensis

Claviblowiella BouDagher-Fadel et al. 1997

Clavigerinella Bolli et al 1957
= Clavigerinella
Clavigerinella akersi
Clavigerinella alicantensis
Clavigerinella nazcaensis

Praeglobotruncana (Clavihedbergella) Banner & Blow 1959
= Clavihedbergella
Clavihedbergella eocretacea
Clavihedbergella globulifera
Clavihedbergella primare

Claviticinella El-Naggar 1971

Compactogerina Simmons et al. 1997

Conoglobigerina Morozova in Morozova and Moskalenko, 1961
= Conoglobigerina
Conoglobigerina avariformis
Conoglobigerina biapertura
Conoglobigerina grigelisi
Conoglobigerina pupa
Conoglobigerina solaperta
Conoglobigerina trilocula

Contusotruncana Korchagin 1982
= Contusotruncana

Coscinosphaera Stuart 1866
= Orbulina
Coscinosphaera ciliosa

Costellagerina S. W. Petters, El-Nakhal, and Cifelli 1983
= Costellagerina

CribrohantkeninaThalmann, 1942
= Cribrohantkenina

Cuneolina d'Orbigny 1839

Cuneolina elegans


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