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Chiloguembelina vineetae

Citation: Chiloguembelina vineetae Singh and Kalia 1970
Rank: Species
Type specimens: holotype Xo. SFKly/64 and paratype Nos. SFKly/64/l-5.
Type age (chronostrat): Discocyclina zone, Bikaner stage. Kirthar series (Lutetian).
Type locality: About 6 kilometres west of Shri Kolayatji village, near Fuller's earth quarry, Bikaner, Rajasthan, India.
Type repository: Author's collection.(? Lucknow University)

Current identification:

Original Description

Test minute, comprising about 5 to 6 pairs of biserially arranged chambers, earlier chambers small, broader than long increasing gradually in size up to the fifth pair; the last two pairs show a marked increase in dimensions. The last four pairs of chambers comparatively more well defined and form more than two-thirds of the total length of the test. Sutures moderately depressed, aperture moderately large, situated at the base of the inner margin of the last formed chamber, width of the aperture more than the height. Test covered with papillae specially on the earlier chambers, thus obscuring the suttural detail in the earlier part of the test.


Holotype No. SFKly/64: length 0.325 mm; width 0.2 mm; thickness 0.125 mm
Paratype No. SFKly/64/1: length 0.2 mm; width 0.1 mm; thickness 0.07 mm
Paratype No. SFKly/64/2: length 0.22 mm; width 0.15 mm; thickness 0.07 mm
Paratype No. SFKly/64/3: length 0.24 mm; width 0.16 mm; thickness 0.08 mm
Paratype No. SFKlyl64/4: length 0.22 mm; width 0.15 mm; thickness 0.08 mm
Paratype No. SFKly/64/5: length 0.25 mm; width 0.16 mm; thickness 0.08 mm


Extra details from original publication
Comparison and remarks-Chiloguembelina vineetae sp. nov. resembles Guernbelina parva Basilenko (1950) in the sudden increase in the dimensions of the last-formed chamber pair, but differs widely in all other characters. It is similar to G. cubensis Palmer ( 1934) in the dimensions but differs in all other characters. It has a close similarity with G. wilcoxensis Cushman and Ponton (1932) in having the marked papillate surface of the test but is practically half in size.

Editors' Notes


Singh, S. N. & Kalia, P. (1970). Shastrina—a new heterohelicid genus and new species of Pseudogloborotalia Haque and Chiloguembelina Loeblich and Tappan from Kirthars of Rajasthan, India. Proceedings of the Indian National Science Academy. 36, B: 166-174. gs


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