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Edgarinella Georgescu 2013

Ehrenbergellus Fordham 1986

Ehrenbergites Georgescu 2013

Elhasaella Hamam 1976

Elhasaella alanwoodi

Eoceratobulimina Fuchs 1973

Eoceratobulimina iucunda

Eoclavatorella Cremades Campos, 1980

Eoclavatorella benidormensis

Eoglobigerina Morozova, 1959
= Eoglobigerina
Eoglobigerina appressa
Eoglobigerina edita praeedita
Eoglobigerina eobulloides simplicissima
Eoglobigerina extensa
Eoglobigerina ferreri
Eoglobigerina fodina
Eoglobigerina maamouri
Eoglobigerina operta

Eohastigerinella Morozova 1957
= Eohastigerinella

Eoheterohelix Fuchs 1973

Eoheterohelix prima


Citation: E
taxonomic rank: na

Current identification:



E compiled by the pforams@mikrotax project team viewed: 17-7-2024

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