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G has 69 sub-taxa these are grouped in 2 pages
1 Galler :: 2 Globor
Globorotalia (Menardella) Bandy 1972
= menardii lineage

Globorotalia (Morozovella)McGowran, in Luterbacher 1964

Globorotalia (Morozovella) aequa tholiformis
Globorotalia (Morozovella) finchi
Globorotalia (Morozovella) gorrondatxensis
Globorotalia (Morozovella) spinulosa coronata

Globorotalia (Truncorotalia) Cushman & Bermudez 1949
= truncatulinoides lineage
Globorotalia (Truncorotalia) broedermanni
Globorotalia (Truncorotalia) mosae

Globorotalia (Truncorotaloides) Bronnimann & Bermudez 1953

Globorotalia (Truncorotaloides) topilensis praetopilensis

Globorotalia (Turborotalia) Cushman & Bermudez 1949

Globorotaloides Bolli 1957
= Globorotaloides

Globospina Popescu & Crihan 2011

Globospina banatica

Globotruncana Cushman 1927
= Globotruncana
Globotruncana adamsi
Globotruncana aegyptiaca
Globotruncana aegyptiaca duwi
Globotruncana alpina
Globotruncana andori
Globotruncana ansarii
Globotruncana appenninica
Globotruncana arabica
Globotruncana araratica
Globotruncana arca caribica
Globotruncana arca esnehensis
Globotruncana arcaformis
Globotruncana aspera
Globotruncana asymetrica
Globotruncana atlantica
Globotruncana aturica
Globotruncana azerbaidjanica
Globotruncana bahijae
Globotruncana bollii
Globotruncana bulloides naussi
Globotruncana calcarata
Globotruncana calcarata arcata
Globotruncana calcarata primitiva
Globotruncana calcarata retardata
Globotruncana caliciformis sarmientoi
Globotruncana caliciformis trinidadensis
Globotruncana campbelli
Globotruncana canaliculata ventricosa
Globotruncana carpathica
Globotruncana carteri
Globotruncana churchi
Globotruncana citae
Globotruncana coldreriensis
Globotruncana concavata cyrenaica
Globotruncana conica
Globotruncana conica plicata
Globotruncana contusa galeoidis
Globotruncana contusa patelliformis
Globotruncana contusa scutilla
Globotruncana contusa witwickae
Globotruncana convexa
Globotruncana culverensis
Globotruncana dalbiezi
Globotruncana dentata
Globotruncana dorreeni
Globotruncana dupeublei
Globotruncana erevanica
Globotruncana falsocalcarata
Globotruncana falsostuarti
Globotruncana fareedi
Globotruncana flexuosa
Globotruncana fornicata
Globotruncana fornicata ackermanni
Globotruncana fornicata cesarensis
Globotruncana fornicata globulocamerata
Globotruncana fornicata manaurensis
Globotruncana fornicata motai
Globotruncana fornicata plummerae
Globotruncana fresnoensis
Globotruncana fundiconulosa
Globotruncana gagnebini
Globotruncana gansseri
Globotruncana gansseri gandolfii
Globotruncana gansseri subgansseri
Globotruncana globigerinoides
Globotruncana goudkoffi
Globotruncana hanzawai
Globotruncana havanensis
Globotruncana helvetica
Globotruncana helvetica posthelvetica
Globotruncana hilli
Globotruncana imbricata
Globotruncana indica
Globotruncana inornata
Globotruncana intermedia
Globotruncana intermedia difformis
Globotruncana japonica
Globotruncana japonica robusta
Globotruncana kuepperi
Globotruncana lakrai
Globotruncana lamellosa
Globotruncana lapparenti
Globotruncana lapparenti coronata
Globotruncana lapparenti depressa
Globotruncana lapparenti inflata
Globotruncana lapparenti longilocula
Globotruncana leupoldi
Globotruncana linnei angusticarenata
Globotruncana linnei bulloides
Globotruncana linnei caliciformis
Globotruncana linnei stuarti
Globotruncana linneiana obliqua
Globotruncana linneiformis
Globotruncana lobata
Globotruncana loeblichi
Globotruncana loefgreni
Globotruncana lugeoni
Globotruncana lugeoni angulata
Globotruncana lunaris
Globotruncana marginata austinensis
Globotruncana marianosi
Globotruncana mariei
Globotruncana mayaroensis
Globotruncana mexicana
Globotruncana monmouthensis
Globotruncana morozovae
Globotruncana nakkadyi
Globotruncana naqibi
Globotruncana navarroensis
Globotruncana neotricarinata
Globotruncana orientalis
Globotruncana pessagnoi
Globotruncana postrugosa
Globotruncana poststephensoni
Globotruncana pozaryskae
Globotruncana pseudoconica
Globotruncana pseudofornicata
Globotruncana pura
Globotruncana pustulifera
Globotruncana putahensis
Globotruncana qabeliatensis
Globotruncana quadrata
Globotruncana renzi
Globotruncana repanda
Globotruncana riojai
Globotruncana roddai
Globotruncana rosetta insignis
Globotruncana rosetta pettersi
Globotruncana rugosa
Globotruncana rugosa subrugosa
Globotruncana sahakianae
Globotruncana samuriensis
Globotruncana schneegansi
Globotruncana semsalensis
Globotruncana sharawnaensis
Globotruncana sigmoconcavata
Globotruncana smithi
Globotruncana stephani
Globotruncana stephani turbinata
Globotruncana stephensoni
Globotruncana stuarti parva
Globotruncana sudrensis
Globotruncana sudrensis parallela
Globotruncana tarfayaensis
Globotruncana thalmanni thalmanni
Globotruncana ticinensis
Globotruncana torensis
Globotruncana tricarinata colombiana
Globotruncana tricarinata desioi
Globotruncana undulata
Globotruncana verrucosa
Globotruncana vridhachalensis
Globotruncana walfischensis
Globotruncana wiedenmayeri
Globotruncana wiedenmayeri magdalenaensis
Globotruncana wilsoni
Globotruncana youssefi
Globotruncana zagros

Globotruncana (Globotruncana) Cushman 1927

Globotruncana (Globotruncana) elevata stuartiformis
Globotruncana (Globotruncana) majzoni
Globotruncana (Globotruncana) planata
Globotruncana (Globotruncana) rosetta pembergeri
Globotruncana (Globotruncana) sigali
Globotruncana (Globotruncana) subspinosa
Globotruncana (Globotruncana) ventricosa carinata
Globotruncana (Globotruncana) ventricosa primitiva

Globotruncana (Praeglobotruncana) Bermudez 1952

Globotruncana (Praeglobotruncana) renzi primitiva

Globotruncana (Rotalipora) Brotzen 1942

Globotruncana (Rotalipora) appenninica balernaensis
Globotruncana (Rotalipora) micheli
Globotruncana (Rotalipora) montsalvensis
Globotruncana (Rotalipora) montsalvensis minor
Globotruncana (Rotalipora) reicheli
Globotruncana (Rotalipora) turonica expansa

Globotruncana (Rugoglobigerina) Bronnimann 1952

Globotruncana (Rugotruncana) Bronnimann & Brown 1956

Globotruncana (Rugotruncana) gansseri dicarinata

Globotruncana (Thalmanninella) Sigal 1948

Globotruncana (Thalmanninella) ticinensis subticinensis

Globotruncanella Reiss 1957
= Globotruncanella
Globotruncanella citae hispida
Globotruncanella kefennsoura
Globotruncanella minuta
Globotruncanella piramidalis

Globotruncanita Reiss, 1957
= Globotruncanita
Globotruncanita magellana
Globotruncanita stuartoconica

Globotruncanita (Elevatotruncana) Korchagin 2001

Globotruncanita (Elevatotruncana) eolita

Globotruncanitella Ion, in Ion and Odin 2001

Globotruncanitella tercensis

Globoturborotalita Hofker, 1976
= Globoturborotalita
Globoturborotalita barbula
Globoturborotalita bassriverensis
Globoturborotalita decorata
Globoturborotalita eolabiacrassata
Globoturborotalita paracancellata
Globoturborotalita pseudopraebulloides

Globuligerina Bignot and Guyader 1971
= Globuligerina

Gorbachikella Banner & Desai 1988
= Gorbachikella
Gorbachikella anteroapertura
Gorbachikella depressa
Gorbachikella grandiapertura

Grimsdaleinella Bolli 1959

Grimsdaleinella spinosa

Groshenyia Georgescu 2012

Groshenyia groshenyae

Gubkinella Suleymanov, 1955
= Gubkinella
Gubkinella asiatica

Gublerina Kikoine 1948
= Gublerina
Gublerina acuta
Gublerina acuta robusta
Gublerina cuvillieri
Gublerina glaessneri
Gublerina hedbergi
Gublerina primitiva
Gublerina rajagopalani

Guembelina Egger 1900

Guembelitria Cushman, 1933
= Guembelitria

Guembelitriella Tappan 1940

Guembelitriella esphirae
Guembelitriella graysonensis

Guembelitrioides El-Naggar, 1971
= Guembelitrioides

G has 69 sub-taxa these are grouped in 2 pages
1 Galler :: 2 Globor


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