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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Globanomalina simplex Haque 1956

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Globanomalina simplex

Citation: Globanomalina simplex Haque 1956
taxonomic rank: species
Type specimens: pl. 30, fig. 2a-c,
Type sample (& lithostrat): Laki series, Nammal limestone, Quinqueloculina gapperi zone
Type age (chronostrat): Lower Eocene
Type locality: A measured section in Nammal Gorge, Salt Range , western Pakistan.
Type repository: Quetta, Pakistan; Geological Survey

Linked specimens: USNM-206819

Current identification:

Original Description

"Test oval , longer than broad, trochoid; periphery broadly rounded, lobate. Dorsal side convex, involute, showing nearly three coils . Ventral side involute, umbilicate. Chambers distinct, almost globose, inflated, four to four and one-half chambers in the adult whorl, rather rapidly increasing in size as added. Sutures distinct, depressed, radlal. Surface smooth, shiny. Wall calcareous, finely perforate, radial, hyaline. Aperture an arched slit at the periphery extending to the ventral sides towards the umbilicus. Length of the holotype 0.46 mm.; breadth 0.4 mm.; thickness 0.25 mm.

Length of the holotype 0.46 mm.; breadth 0.4 mm.; thickness 0.25 mm.

Extra details from original publication
"Differences. -This species differs from Globanomalina ovalis Haque var. lakiensis Haque in the larger tests and smaller number of chambers per coil. The chambers are also less enveloping."


Haque, A. F. M. M. (1956). The smaller foraminifera of the Ranikot and the Laki of the Nammal gorge, Salt Range. Memoir of the Pakistan Geological Survey. 1: 1-300. gs


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