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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Globigerina compacta Hofker 1956

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Globigerina compacta

Citation: Globigerina compacta Hofker 1956
Rank: Species
Type age (chronostrat): not designated. Figured specimens from the Paleocene (figs. 17, 21 ) and from the upper part of horizon d of the beds at Maastricht (fig. 16), which is of Dano-Paleocene age (Hofker, 1956, op. cit., p. 52 ).
Type locality: Not designated Figured specimens from the Curfs quarry at Houthem, near Maastricht, southern Limburg, Netherlands.
Type repository: Haarlem, Netherlands Geological Survey

Current identification:

Original Description

A very small species with very thin walls. Always four chambers in the last-formed whorl, close-coiled, spiral side high, sutures not very depressed, aperture large, crescent - shaped, umbilical, but the umbilicus closed.



Extra details from original publication

Editors' Notes


Hofker, J. (1956b). Foraminifera from the Cretaceous of southern Limburg, Netherlands; XIX - Planctonic foraminifera of the chalk tuff of Maestricht and environments. Maandblad. 45(5-6): +53+-. gs


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