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Globigerina uruchaensis

Citation: Globigerina uruchaensis Shutskaya 1970
taxonomic rank: Species
Described on page(s) : 87-88
Type specimens: pl. 1. fig. 6a-c: p. 86, tf. 2. figs. 5-1 3: holotype (fig. 6a-c), no. 573-1-62.
Type age (chronostrat): Lower Paleocene, Montian, Acarinina conicotruncata Zone
Type locality: Along the Urukh River, northern Osetia, North Caucasus, USSR.
Type repository: probably All-Union Scientific-Research Geological-Prospecting Petroleum Institute (VNIGNI), Moscow

Current identification/main database link: Subbotina triangularis (White 1928)

Original Description

Translation from the Russian. - Test small (0.25-0.30 mm.) to medium-sized (0.3-0.35 mm.), flattened dorsally, high ventrally, oval - coefficient of elongation 1.2-1.3. coefficient of broadening 1-1.1. Initial part of test globigerinoid, low-trochoid. About 6 chambers in the initial part. In the last whorl there are 3-3.5 chambers. Last chamber the largest and set off from the preceding ones. Dimensional ratios of the individual elements in the last whorl are as follows: a) ratio of width of penultimate chamber to that of last chamber 0.8-0.9; b) length of base of last chamber to its width 1.1-1. 3. Height of last chamber greater than height of preceding part of test. Chambers in last whorl spherical. Outer contour of last chamber broadly rounded. Lateral surface of last chamber oval. Chambers in last whorl arranged compaclly at the beginning of the whorl and freely at its end. Intercameral sutures thin, deep. Outer margin scalloped. Umbilical depression is a broad space between the first chamber and the inner margin of the last chamber. Apertural opening marginal, horizontal, slitlike, short, extends from the umbilicus to the beginning of the outer margin, covered by a flat lip. Test wall coarsely perforate, interpore spaces wide and low (rare coarse perforation).

Extra details from original publication
Variation. - The half-chamber in some specimens takes part in building the last whorl (tf. 2, figs. 5, 6, 10, 12, 13), in others (tf. 2, figs. 7-9, 11) it shifts to the dorsal side, becoming the last chamber of the preceding whorl, visible also on the ventral side at the outer margin between the first and last chambers. Of the 25 specimens measured 20 had a coefficient of elongation of 1.2-1.3, one of 1.4, four had a coefficient of 1.1. The coefficient of broadening is sometimes 1 - the test is oblong. The width of the umbilicus varies, but only in individual specimens is the umbilical slit narrow (tf. 2, fig. 11 ).

Comparison. - From Globigerina pseudotriloba White found together with it G. uruchaensis Shutskaya differs (see tf. 2) by: 1) its small coefficient of broadening and relatively large coefficient of elongation - the test is more elongate-oval, sometimes even oblong; 2) the last chamber being more extended in the width with length:width 1.1-1.3; 3) its broader umbilical depression.


Shutskaya, E. K. (1970a). Morphologic groups and descriptions of species of Globigerina and Acarinina in the lower Paleogene of the Crimea, the Caucasus Foreland, and western Central Asia. Trudy Vsesoyuznego Neftyanogo Nauchno-Issledovatel'skogo Geologo-Razvedochnogo Instituta (VNIGRI). 69: 79-113. gs


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