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Globigerinita stainforthi praestainforthi

Citation: Globigerinita stainforthi praestainforthi Blow 1969
Rank: sub-species
Type locality: Holotype (figs. 3-5) from the new co-type locality of the "Globorotalia kugleri zone" of Bolli (1957, U. S. Nat. Mus., Bull. , no. 215, p. I OC); 1966, Asoc. Venez. Geol. Minerfa Petr61., Bol. Inform., vol. 9, no. l , p. 16), Mosquito Creek, opposite Milepost 38, southern Trinidad, West Indies.
Type age (chronostrat): Lower Miocene, Aquitanian, Zone N.4 (= Globigerinoides quadrilobatus primordius Globorotalia (Turborotalia) kugleri Concurrent-range zone). Ranges from the upper part of Zone N.2 (Upper Oligocene) to within the lower part of Zone N.5 (Lower Miocene).
Type specimens: PM P 49637
Type repository: London, UK; NHM

Linked specimens: London, UK; NHM (PM PF 49637) London, UK; NHM (PM P 49637)

Current identification:

Original Description
he small test consists of about 9-10 chambers coiled in a low trochospire with 4 1 2 chambers in the final whorl The first chamber of the last whorl and the umbilical depression is covered by a low, not inflated, broad bulla. The primary chambers are moderately embracing but the intercameral sutures are distinct and moderately incised. The ventral intercameral sutures are radial but the dorsal intercameral sutures are slightly curved. The bulla is broad and not inflated and does not bear any tube-like extentions along the ventral intercameral sutures. The infralaminal apertures are small, very low slit-like openings directly in line with the ventral intercameral sutures of the primary chambers. The wall is calcareous, radial hyaline, comparatively densely, but not coarsely perforate, with small pustules. The pores do not open into distinct pits.

Size: Maximum diameter of holotype 0.28 mm

Extra details from original publication
Globigerinita stainforthi praestainforthi differs from G. stainforthi stainforthi in having a less complex, less inflated bulla and less closely appressed primary chambers. The spire of praestainforthi is a little more distinctly and highly trochoid than in G. stainforthi stainforthi but this difference is small. The primary intercameral sutures are more incised in praestainforthi as compared to stainforthi (s.s.). The wall texture of G. stainforthi stainforthi is more coarsely perforate than in praestainfothi and the former taxon has distinct surface pits into which the pores open. In G. stainforthi stainforthi there is very little difference between the wall texture (and ?structure) of the complex bulla and the primary chambers but in G. stainforthi praestainforthi there is noticeable difference in texture, at least, between the wall of the bulla and the wall of the primary chambers. G. stainforthi praestainforthi differs from G. incrusta Akers in possessing less globular primary chambers, a lower trochospire and a broader bulla. The wall of G. incrusta is thin, delicate and very finely perforate.


Blow, W. H. (1969). Late middle Eocene to Recent planktonic foraminiferal biostratigraphy. In, Bronnimann, P. & Renz, H. H. (eds) Proceedings of the First International Conference on Planktonic Microfossils, Geneva, 1967. E J Brill, Leiden 380-381. gs


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