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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Globigerinoides Cushman 1927

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Globigerinoides has 87 sub-taxa these are grouped in 3 pages
1 G. alt :: 2 G. kue :: 3 G. tap
Globigerinoides kuehni Schmid 1967

Globigerinoides macrostoma Hagn 1956
= Globigerinatheka index
Globigerinoides minuta Natland 1938
= Globigerinita minuta
Globigerinoides mitra Todd 1957
= Globigerinoides mitra
Globigerinoides muratae Asano 1962
= Trilobatus quadrilobatus
Globigerinoides nuttalli Hamilton 1953
= Guembelitrioides nuttalli
Globigerinoides obliqua Bolli 1957
= Globigerinoides obliquus
Globigerinoides obliquus amplus Perconig 1968

Globigerinoides obliquus extremus Bolli & Bermudez 1965
= Globigerinoides extremus
Globigerinoides parawoodi Keller 1981
= Globigerinoides italicus
Globigerinoides parkerae Bermúdez 1961
= Globigerinita glutinata
Globigerinoides parva Hornibrook 1961

Globigerinoides pseudodubia Bandy 1949
= Acarinina rohri
Globigerinoides pseudoruber Todd 1957

Globigerinoides pseudosellii Brönnimann & Resig 1971

Globigerinoides quadrilobatus hystricosus Belford 1962
= Globigerinoidesella fistulosa
Globigerinoides quadrilobatus praeimmaturus Brönnimann & Resig 1971
= Trilobatus praeimmaturus
Globigerinoides quadrilobatus primordius Blow & Banner 1962
= Trilobatus primordius
Globigerinoides ruber subsp. albus Morard et al. 2019
= Globigerinoides ruber subsp. albus
Globigerinoides ruber parkeri Borsetti & Cati 1975

Globigerinoides rublobatus Latas et al. 2023
= Globigerinoides rublobatus
Globigerinoides rubra subsp. seigliei Bermúdez&Bolli 1969
= Globigerinoides seigliei
Globigerinoides rubriformis Subbotina 1953

Globigerinoides sacculifer brachysacculifer Christodoulou 1960

Globigerinoides sacculifer minimus Christodoulou 1960

Globigerinoides sacculifer spinulosus Christodoulou 1960

Globigerinoides sacculifera subsacculifera Cita, Premoli Silva, & Rossi 1965
= Trilobatus subsacculifer
Globigerinoides sacculiferoides Christodoulou 1960

Globigerinoides sacculiferus immatura LeRoy 1939
= Trilobatus immaturus
Globigerinoides sacculiferus irregularis LeRoy 1944

Globigerinoides semiinvoluta Keijzer 1945
= Globigerinatheka semiinvoluta
Globigerinoides semiinvolutus Keijzer 1945

Globigerinoides sicanus de Stefani 1952
= Trilobatus sicanus
Globigerinoides sicanus praesicanus Brönnimann & Resig 1971

Globigerinoides subconglobatus var. micra Shutskaya 1958

Globigerinoides subconglobatus var. subconglobata Shutskaya 1958
= Globigerinatheka subconglobata
Globigerinoides subquadrata Brönnimann, in Todd et al. 1954
= Globigerinoides subquadratus
Globigerinoides subquadratus praesubquadratus Ouda 1998

Globigerinoides subquadrata subsp. subelongatus Bronniman & Resig 1971

Globigerinoides suleki Bermúdez 1961
= Trilobatus sacculifer
Globigerinoides has 87 sub-taxa these are grouped in 3 pages
1 G. alt :: 2 G. kue :: 3 G. tap


Citation: Globigerinoides Cushman 1927
taxonomic rank: Genus
Type species: Globigerina rubra d'Orbigny 1839

Current identification/main database link: Globigerinoides Cushman 1927, emend Spezzaferri et al. 2015

See also: Globigerina rubra - type species;

Original Description

Test usually trochoid throughout, aperture as in Globigerina with numerous large, supplementary apertures around the margin of the chamber, opening into the umbilical area, fine spines covering the test in well preserved specimens.

Extra details from original publication
Tertiary and Recent.


Cushman, J. A. (1927a). An outline of a re-classification of the Foraminifera. Contributions from the Cushman Laboratory for Foraminiferal Research. 3: 1-105. gs O


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