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Globorotalia kolchidica

Citation: Globorotalia kolchidica Morozova 1961
Rank: species
Type locality: Along the Khokodz' River, northwestern Caucasus, USSR; common there. Also found rarely on the Tarkhankhut Peninsula and at Nasypkoyskaya Balka [Ravine], both in the Crimea; and elsewhere in the Caucasus, on the Gubden River (rare there), and at Kopet-Dag (as isolated specimens).
Type age (chronostrat): Lower Paleocene(?), Montian, Ms1 IV Zone (?) (Cibicides lectus Zone)
Type sample (& lithostrat): in a green-gray bedded marl. About two hundred specimens, well preserved.
Type specimens: holotype (fig. 2a-c) 3510/12.
Type repository: Moscow, Inst. of Geol. Sci. of the Academy of Sciences

Current identification/main database link: Morozovella acutispira (Bolli and Cita 1960)

Original Description
Translation from the Russian. - Test with a rounded equatorial lateral outline. Spiral side flat or weakly convex in the center, umbilical side lowly conical. Two whorls, in the last are 5 to 6 chambers, quite rapidly increasing in size as added. Chambers on the spiral side flat, semicircular, slightly curved, on the umbilical side triangular, getting higher toward the center and ending with final thickenings, covered thickly by spinules and surrounding a narrow but deep umbilicus. Sutures on the spiral side arcuately curved, thin, flat or slightly depressed, on the umbilical side radial, straight, deep near the center, shallower at the periphery. The outer margin is scalloped. Aperture at the base of the last chamber, in the shape of a semicircular opening, extending from the umbilicus to the outer margin and covered by a thin lip. Wall calcareous, thin, brittle. Surface moderately spinose. Usually the last chamber is covered with spines which are thinner and rarer than they are on the other chambers. Thicker parts at the inner ends of the chambers and the keel are covered densely with large spinules, which do not merge at their bases.

Size: [Dimensions. - Greatest diame ter 0.45, least diameter 0.35, height 0.30 mm.

Extra details from original publication
Comparison. - The given species is closest to Globorotalia crassata Cushman, from which it differs by the greater number of chambers (five to six instead of four to five) and the flatter shape of the test. From G. angulata White our species differs by its flat test, lowly conical umbilical side, narrow umbilicus, more rarely expressed ornamenting keel, and the fact that large bulges are present at the inner ends of the chambers. From G. subbotinae Morozova, G. crassata Cushman, and G. canariensis d'Orbigny, it differs by the large number of chambers per whorl, the more uniform spinosity of the wall, and the less distinctly expressed keel.


Morozova, V. G. (1961). Datsko-Montskie planktonnye foraminifery yuga SSSR [Danian-Montian Planktonic Foraminifera of the Southern USSR]. Paleontologicheskiy Zhurnal. 2(Aug-19): -. gs


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