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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Globorotalia nartanensis Shutskaya 1956

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Globorotalia nartanensis

Citation: Globorotalia nartanensis Shutskaya 1956
Rank: Species
Described on page(s) : 96

Current identification/main database link: Morozovella lensiformis (Subbotina 1953)

Original Description

[Translation from the Russian.- Test round, dorsal side perfectly flat, except for the weakly projecting initial whorl. Ventral side makes an angle of 60-70° with the dorsal side. Initial whorl not clearly expressed. Later whorl consists of three, more often four chambers. Chambers flat, on the dorsal side semilunate, on the ventral side triangular. Last chamber much longer than the preceding ones and makes up almost hallf of the whole test. Sutures on the dorsal side curved, filled in with a thin fillet consisting of fine, tightly packed spines which comes off of a similar fillet fringing the outer margin of the test. This convexity in the sutures on the dorsal side is especially noticeable in the last two chambers. On the ventral side the sutures are straight. On the outer margin they are very weakly expressed, since the chambers are tightly adjacent. Close to the umbilicus they become relatively deeper. The outer margin is almost even, with barely noticeable scalloping, sharp, equipped with a keel, formed by a fine, spinose fillet, especially noticeable when viewing the test in profile. Umbilicus narrow, located somewhat to the side, since the umbilical ends of the last two chambers touch tightly and only between the umbilicus and the outer margin. Surface of the test covered densely with short thick spines, from which the wall gets the appearance of being thick. [Dimensions of holotype: Greater diameter 0.37 mm., lesser diameter 0.30 mm., thickness 0.20 mm.



Extra details from original publication

Editors' Notes
original combination not double checked


Shutskaya, E. K. (1956). Стратиграфия нижних горизонтов палеогена Центрального Предкавказья по фораминиферам - Stratigraphy of the lower horizons of the Paleogene of the central Precaucasus according to the foraminifera. Trudy Geologicheskiy Institut Akademiya Nauk SSSR, Geol. Ser. 71(164): 3-119. gs V O


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