CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Globotruncana (Rotalipora) appenninica subsp. balernaensis Gandolfi 1957

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Globotruncana (Rotalipora) appenninica balernaensis

Citation: Globotruncana (Rotalipora) appenninica subsp. balernaensis Gandolfi 1957
Rank: sub-species
Type locality: From along the Breggia River near Chiasso, in the southernmost part of Canton Ticino, Switzerland.
Type age (chronostrat): Holotype from the Upper Cretaceous, middle part of the lower Cenomanian
Type sample (& lithostrat): bed 34 of the "scaglia Bianca"". Other figured specimen from bed 36 of the ""scaglia bianca""."
Type specimens: Not available
Type repository: Basel, CH; Natural History Museum

Current identification/main database link: Thalmanninella balernaensis (Gandolfi, 1957)

Original Description
"Gandolfi's (1942, op. cit. p. 118) description of this form is herein amended as follows: 'Test rotaliform, large and thin, with a well developed single keel. Outline subcircular, tending to become elongated, spiral side slightly convex, umbilical side slightly concave. Chambers flat on dorsal side, convex on ventral side, becoming elongated. Umbilical sutures generally radial and depressed, thickening slightly around teh umbilicus'."

Extra details from original publication

"This subspecies differs from Globotroncana (Rotalipora) appenninica Renz subsp. evoluta (Sigal) [Rotalipora cushmani (Morrow) var. evoluta, 1948] in not having the extremely elongated test and the loosely coiled spire.""



Gandolfi, R. (1942). Ricerche micropaleontologiche e stratigraphfiche sulla Scaglia e sul flysch Cretacici dei Dintorni di Balerna (Canton Ticino). Rivista Italiana di Paleontologia. 48: 1-160. gs

Gandolfi, R. (1957). Notes on some species of Globotruncana. Contributions from the Cushman Foundation for Foraminiferal Research. 8(2): 59-65. gs V O


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Le Coze

Globotruncana (Rotalipora) appenninica subsp. balernaensis Gandolfi, 1957

Jeremy Young (UK)

corrected now, thanks

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