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Globotruncana carpathica

Citation: Globotruncana carpathica Scheibnerova 1963
Rank: Species
Type locality: Horné Srnie, the road in the quarry of cement works, Western Slovakia.
Type age (chronostrat): Middle Turonian
Type sample (& lithostrat): klippen belt of West Carpathians, Czorsztyn series.
Type specimens: No. NPUK 0629.
Type repository: Bratislava, Micropaleontological collection of the Department of Poleontology of the Faculty of Natural Sciences of J. A. Comenius University in Bratislava.

Current identification/main database link: Helvetoglobotruncana helvetica (Bolli, 1945)

Original Description
Test free, trochospiral, biconvex with more inflated umbilical side and central part of the spiral side. The spiral side smooth, umbilical one covered by protuberances, mainly in the centre of chambers. The few last chambers strongly inflated, inclined toward the umbilicus. In the last whorl there are 6-8 chambers. The umbilicus deep, broad. The aperture interiomarginal in the umbilicus remains of the apertural flaps. Single keel nearer the spiral side of the test. Spiral sutures distinct, curved, raised, umbilical ones radial, depressed.

Size: Measurements of the holotype: longer diameter 0,705mm, shorter diameter 0,655 mm, thickness 0,504 mm.

Etymology: Carpathica — Latin transcription of Carpathian.

Extra details from original publication
Remarks. The species resembles to some degree Praeglobotruncana helvetica (Bolli) from which it differs in having 6—8 chambers in the last whorl and being much larger than Praeglobotruncana helvetica which usually has 5—6 chambers in the last whorl. Praeglobotruncana helvetica is true Praeglobotruncana while the new species possesses the signs of true Globotruncana. These two species have different stratigraphic ranges, Globotruncana carpathica n. sp. is younger.

Variability. The species varies mainly in the convexity of the umbilical side of the test, however this side always is more convex than the spiral one.


Scheibnerova, V. (1963a). Some new Foraminifera from the Middle Turonian of the Klippen Belt of West Carpathians in Slovakia. Geologiscky Zbornik -Geologica Carpathica. 14: 139-143. gs V O


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Le Coze

Ref. with the type figures: Scheibnerova, V. (1963). Some new Foraminifera from the Middle Turonian of the Klippen Belt of West Carpathians in Slovakia. Geologica Carpathica, Geologický sborník. 14: 139-143., available online at

Jeremy Young (UK)

thanks - I have now added the ref to our bibliography

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