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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Globotruncana culverensis Barr 1962

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Globotruncana culverensis

Citation: Globotruncana culverensis Barr 1962
Rank: Species

Linked specimens: London, UK; NHM (PM P 44602)

Current identification/main database link: Globotruncana bulloides Vogler, 1941

Original Description
Test free, low trochospiral, slightly biconvex, evolute, umbilicate, 3 to 3.5 whorls, equatorial periphery nearly circular, lobulate with 2 fairly well-developed, closely spaced, finely beaded keels which often merge into single keel on final 1 to 4 chambers; dorsal keel extends on to spiral side of test as slightly raised sutural ridge; ventral keel diverges on to umbilical side of test and is often obscured by embracing nature of chambers, then extends back along umbilical margin as a slightly raised ridge; chambers inflated, slightly truncate, slightly elongate in direction of coiling, overlapping, 7 to 8 chambers in final whorl uniformly increasing in size, often added in slightly oblique position; sutures distinct, depressed, nearly radial; umbilicus broad, deep, in well-preserved specimens covered by a complex tegillum with marginal accessory apertures; primary aperture interiomarginal, umbilical; wall calcareous, composed of radial calcite, uniformly perforate except for imperforate keels, peripheral area between keels, and tegilla; surface hispid becoming less hispid with growth; coiling predominantly dextral; 29 of 30 specimens selected at random coiled dextrally.


Barr, F. T. (1962). Upper Cretaceous planktonic foraminifera from the Isle of Wight, England. Palaeontology. 4(4): 552-580. gs


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