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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Globotruncana falsocalcarata Kerdany&Abdelsalam 1969

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Globotruncana falsocalcarata

Citation: Globotruncana falsocalcarata Kerdany&Abdelsalam 1969
taxonomic rank: Species
Type repository: Basel, CH; Natural History Museum

Current identification: Globotruncanita stuartiformis (Dalbiez, 1955)

Original Description

Test trochospiral, planoconvex, single keeled; up to sixteen or seventeen chambers arranged in two to two and half whorls; five to six chambers in the last whorl (mostly five); early chambers inflated and globigeriniform, later with a hollow peripheral spine. This spine becomes well developed in the early chambers of the second whorl and disappears in later chambers. It exhibits progressive shifting toward the anterior end of the chambers, which become triangular in shape. Flattening of the dorsal side increases gradually; the dorsal side of the later chambers becomes sometimes slightly concave. Rugosities developed on the early chambers on both the dorsal and ventral sides, particularly on those chambers which exhibit a peripheral spine and decrease progressively toward the adult chambers, not oriented in a meridional pattern. Sutures in the early part depressed, later becoming raised and sometimes beaded; on the dorsal side straight and oblique, ventrally often curved. Umbilicus wide, deep, usually surrounded by umbilical shoulders which are sometimes beaded; apparently covered by a spiral system of tegillae with accessory apertures. Primary aperture interiomarginal umbilical. Wall calcareous perforate, with imperforate marginal keel.


Kerdany, M. T. & Abdelsalam, H. (1969). Globotruncana falsocalcarata n. sp. from the Quseir area, Eastern Desert. U. A. R. In, Said, R., Beckmann, J. P., Ghorab, M. A., El Ansary, S., Viotti, C. & Kerdany, M. T. (eds) Proceedings of the Third African Micropaleonotligical Colloquium, Cairo March 1968. National Information and Documentation Centre, Cairo 261-267. gs


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