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Globotruncana has 157 sub-taxa these are grouped in 4 pages
1 G. ada :: 2 G. con :: 3 G. lap :: 4 G. qua
Globotruncana quadrata Nakkady and Osman 1954
= Globotruncana linneiana
Globotruncana renzi Gandolfi 1942
= Marginotruncana renzi
Globotruncana repanda Bolli 1957
= Gansserina repanda
Globotruncana riojai Eternod-Olvera 1959
= Globotruncana linneiana
Globotruncana roddai Marianos and Zingula 1966
= Dicarinella roddai
Globotruncana rosetta insignis Gandolfi 1955
= Globotruncanita insignis
Globotruncana rosetta pettersi Gandolfi 1955
= Globotruncanita pettersi
Globotruncana rugosa Eternod Olvera 1959

Globotruncana rugosa subrugosa Gandolfi 1955
= Rugotruncana circumnodifer
Globotruncana sahakianae Martirosyan 1970

Globotruncana samuriensis Maslakova 1974
= Globotruncana orientalis
Globotruncana schneegansi Sigal 1952
= Marginotruncana schneegansi
Globotruncana ? semsalensis Corminboeuf 1961
= Globotruncanella semsalensis
Globotruncana sharawnaensis El-Naggar 1966
= Globotruncana esnehensis
Globotruncana sigmoconcavata Scheibnerova 1963
= Marginotruncana sigmoconcavata
Globotruncana smithi Salaj 1983
= Globotruncanita stuartiformis
Globotruncana stephani Gandolfi 1942
= Praeglobotruncana stephani
not figuredGlobotruncana stephani turbinata Reichel 1950
= Praeglobotruncana gibba
Globotruncana stephensoni Pessagno 1967
= Globotruncana orientalis
Globotruncana stuarti parva Gandolfi 1955
= Globotruncanita stuarti
Globotruncana sudrensis Nakkady and Osman 1954
= Contusotruncana fornicata
Globotruncana sudrensis parallela Nakkady and Osman 1954
= Globotruncana linneiana
Globotruncana tarfayaensis Lehmann 1963
= Marginotruncana tarfayaensis
Globotruncana thalmanni thalmanni Gandolfi 1955
= Contusotruncana fornicata
Globotruncana ticinensis Gandolfi 1942
= Pseudothalmanninella ticinensis
Globotruncana torensis Nakkady and Osman 1954
= Globotruncanita angulata
Globotruncana tricarinata colombiana Gandolfi 1955
= Globotruncana linneiana
Globotruncana tricarinata desioi Gandolfi 1955
= Marginotruncana desioi
Globotruncana undulata Lehmann 1963
= Marginotruncana undulata
Globotruncana verrucosa Vasilenko 1961
= Marginotruncana marginata
Globotruncana vridhachalensis Banerji 1966
= Dicarinella concavata
Globotruncana walfischensis Todd 1970
= Contusotruncana walfischensis
Globotruncana wiedenmayeri Gandolfi 1955
= Gansserina wiedenmayeri
Globotruncana wiedenmayeri magdalenaensis Gandolfi 1955
= Gansserina wiedenmayeri
Globotruncana wilsoni Bolli 1957
= Contusotruncana plummerae
Globotruncana youssefi El-Naggar 1966
= Gansserina gansseri
Globotruncana zagros Kavary in Kavary and Frizzell 1964
= Globotruncana aegyptiaca
Globotruncana has 157 sub-taxa these are grouped in 4 pages
1 G. ada :: 2 G. con :: 3 G. lap :: 4 G. qua


Citation: Globotruncana Cushman 1927
Rank: Genus
Type species: Pulvinulina arca Cushman
Described on page(s) : 91

Current identification/main database link: Globotruncana Cushman 1927

See also: Pulvinulina arca -type species;Globigerina (Globotruncana) - also used a sub-genus;

Original Description
Test trochoid, the adult usually much compressed, the dorsal and ventral sides either flat or convex, ventral s ide sometimes slightly concave, the periphery truncate, usually with a double keel on the dorsal and ventral sides; aperntre on the ventral side; apparently pelagic in part.

Extra details from original publication
Upper Cretaceous to Recent.


Cushman, J. A. (1927a). An outline of a re-classification of the Foraminifera. Contributions from the Cushman Laboratory for Foraminiferal Research. 3: 1-105. gs V O


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