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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Globuligerina hungarica Wernli & Gorog 1999

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Globuligerina hungarica

Citation: Globuligerina hungarica Wernli & Gorog 1999
Rank: Species
Type specimens: Plate 1, Figs. 11-14.
Type sample (& lithostrat): level 6 - Dachsteinkalk
Type age (chronostrat): Bajocian
Type locality: Som Hill, Bakonybel, Hungary
Type repository: Geneva; Museum of Natural History

Current identification:

Original Description

The test is ca. 210-240 µm in largest diameter, very low trochospired for about 2-3 whorls with 3 chambers in the last whorl. These chambers increase very rapidly in size so that the last one fills the half part of the umbilical side. The same is true on the spiral side where this last chamber appears somewhat involute with respect to the juvenile stage. The chambers are fully globular, arranged in a relatively compact way and separated by fairly depressed sutures. The juvenile part of the test is few distinct and do not form an apex on the flat spiral side. In spiral view the peripheral outline is inequally trilobated and the center of the trochospire is displaced near the base of the test. The umbilical view is inequally well trilobated, because the last chamber n is two times larger than the n-2 one. The umbilicus is widely opened and shallow. The aperture is badly delineated because it is corroded. It seems very ample, hemicircular, symmetrical and in umbilical position. Some individuals exhibit a bulla anteriorly set off and straddled on then and n-2 chambers.


from Hungary.

Extra details from original publication
This new species clearly differs from all other so far described protoglobigerinids by its very low trochospire and three final chambers increasing very rapidly in size so the last occupying the half part of the test. Because the exact feature of the aperture is still not clear, the generic assignment to Globuligerina remains doubtful.

Editors' Notes


Wernli, R. & Gorog, A. (1999). Protoglobigerinids (foraminifera) acid extracted from Bajocian limestones (Hungary). Revista Española de Micropaleontología. 31(3): 419-426. gs V O


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