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Haeuslerina Simmons et al. 1997

Haigella Georgescu 2009

Haigella haigi
Haigella intermedia

Hantkenina Cushman, 1924
= Hantkenina

Hantkenina (Applinella) Thalmann 1942

Hantkenina (Applinella) trinitatensis

Hantkenina (Aragonella) Thalmann 1942

Hantkenina (Cribrohantkenina) Thalmann 1942
= Cribrohantkenina
Hantkenina (Cribrohantkenina) bermudezi

Hantkenina (Hantkenina) Cushman 1925

Hantkenina (Hantkenina) suprasuturalis
Hantkenina (Hantkenina) thalmanni

Hartella Georgescu&Abramovich 2009

Hartella harti

Hastigerina Thomson, in Murray 1876
= Hastigerina
Hastigerina aspera digitata
Hastigerina digitata
Hastigerina eocenica
Hastigerina klampisensis
Hastigerina murrayi
Hastigerina parapelagica
Hastigerina primitiva

Hastigerina (Bolliella) Banner & Blow 1959
= Globigerinella
Hastigerina (Bolliella) adamsi

Hastigerina (Hastigerina) Thomson, in Murray 1876

Hastigerina (Hastigerina) siphonifera praesiphonifera

Hastigerinella Cushman 1927
= Hastigerinella

Hastigerinella (Hastigerinoides) Brönnimann 1952

Hastigerinella (Hastigerinoides) rohri

Hastigerinoides Bronnimann 1952
= Hastigerinoides
Hastigerinoides alpina
Hastigerinoides atlanticus
Hastigerinoides cepedai

Hastigerinopsis Saito & Thompson, in Saito et al. 1976
= Hastigerinella
Hastigerinopsis digitiformans

Hedbergella Brönnimann & Brown, 1958
= Muricohedbergella

Hedbergella (Asterohedbergella)
= Asterohedbergella
Hedbergella (Asterohedbergella) asterospinosa

Hedbergina Brönnimann & Brown 1956

Helvetiella Longoria & Gamper 1984

Helvetiella atlantica
Helvetiella helvetia

Helvetoglobotruncana Reiss 1957
= Helvetoglobotruncana
Helvetoglobotruncana microhelvetica

Hendersonia Georgescu&Abramovich 2008
= Hendersonites
Hendersonia hendersoni
Hendersonia jerseyensis

Hendersonites Georgescu & Abramovich 2009
= Hendersonites
Hendersonites pacificus

Heterohelix Ehrenberg 1843
= Heterohelix

Heterohelix (Pseudoguembelina) Bronnimann & Brown 1953

Heterohelix (Pseudoguembelina) porosa
Heterohelix (Pseudoguembelina) striata anfracta

Hillsella Georgescu 2008

Hillsella hillsi

Huberella Georgescu 2007
= Huberella
Huberella huberi
Huberella praehuberi
Huberella yucatanensis


Citation: H
taxonomic rank: na

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