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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Loeblichella pessagnoi Longoria and Gamper 1977

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Loeblichella pessagnoi

Citation: Loeblichella pessagnoi Longoria and Gamper 1977
Rank: Species
Type specimens: PI. 2, Figs. 4-6
Type sample (& lithostrat): 41
Type age (chronostrat): Ticinella breggiensis zone, Albian
Type locality: Sabinas Basin, Northern Mexico

Current identification/main database link: Loeblichella convexa Longoria 1974

Original Description

Test large, biconvex, formed by about three whorls; peripheral outline elliptical; lobate; five to six chambers in the last whorl, increasing rapidly in size as added; earlier chambers on spiral side aspherical to petalloid, later becoming subtrapezoidal; subtriangular on umbilical side; spherical to angular in peripheral view; sutures straight, depressed on both spiral and umbilical sides; primary aperture extra-umbilical-spiroumbilical; umbilicus narrow.


This species is named for E. A. Passagno, Jr., in honor of his contributions to the study of Cretaceous Hedbergelloidea.

Extra details from original publication
Variation of the species: Loeblichella pessagnoi n. sp. is common in the material studied, and about 45 specimens were analyzed. This is quite a diagnostic species whose features are constant.

Remarks. Loeblichella pessagnoi n. sp. differs from other biconvex species of Loeblichella, like L. convexa Longoria, by the distinctive arrangement of its chambers in the last whorl.  

Range. Ticinella primula Zone (lower Albian) to lower part of Thalmanninella ticinensis Zone (upper Albian).

Editors' Notes


Longoria, J. F. & Gamper, M. A. (1977). Albian planktoinc foraminifera from the Sabinas Basin of northern Mexico. Journal of Foraminiferal Research. 7(3): 190-215. gs


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