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This page provides data from the catalog of type descriptions. The catalog is sorted alphabetically. Use the current identification link to go back to the main database.

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P has 61 sub-taxa these are grouped in 2 pages
1 Palaeo :: 2 Proten
Palaeoglobigerina Arenillas et al. 2007

Palaeoglobigerina luterbacheri

Paracostellagerina Georgescu&Huber 2006
= Paracostellagerina

Paragloborotalia Cifelli, 1982
= Paragloborotalia
Paragloborotalia griffinoides
Paragloborotalia lefkaraensis

Paraspiroplecta Georgescu&Abramovich 2008

Parasubbotina Olsson, Hemleben, Berggren,&Liu 1992
= Parasubbotina
Parasubbotina eoclava
Parasubbotina pseudowilsoni

Parathalmanninella Lipson-Benitah 2008

Paraticinella Premoli Silva et al., 2009
= Paraticinella

Parkerina Fordham 1986

Parvularugoglobigerina Hofker, 1978
= Parvularugoglobigerina
Parvularugoglobigerina alticonusa
Parvularugoglobigerina perexigua

Pearsonites Soldan, Petrizzo & Premoli Silva 2014
= Pearsonites

Pessagnoina Georgescu 2009

Petaloglobigerina Gradstein, in Gradstein & Waskowska 2021
= Petaloglobigerina
Petaloglobigerina simmonsi

Phanerostomum Ehrenberg 1843

Phanerostomum asperum

Planoglobanomalina Olsson&Hemleben, 2006
= Planoglobanomalina
Planoglobanomalina pseudoalgeriana

Planoglobulina Cushman 1927
= Planoglobulina
Planoglobulina brazoensis
Planoglobulina meyerhoffi
Planoglobulina taylorana
Planoglobulina transcaucasica

Planohedbergella Boudagher-Fadel, Banner, Whittaker,&McCarthy 1997, in Boudagher-Fadel et al. 1997
= Planohedbergella
Planohedbergella circularis

Planoheterohelix Georgescu & Huber, 2009
= Planoheterohelix
Planoheterohelix postmoremani
Planoheterohelix praenuttalli

Planomalina Loeblich & Tappan, 1946
= Planomalina

Planorotalites Morozova, 1957
= Planorotalites
Planorotalites tauricus

Planulina d'Orbigny 1826

Planulina buxtorfi
Planulina buxtorfi bicarinata
Planulina cheniourensis

Planulitella Georgescu 2010

Plummerita Brönnimann 1952
= Plummerita
Plummerita kennerleyi

Plummerita (Radotruncana) El-Naggar 1971
= Radotruncana

Polskanella Fuchs 1973

Polskanella altispira
Polskanella bisphaerica
Polskanella megastoma

Polycamerella Huber & Petrizzo, in Huber et al 2022
= Polycamerella
Polycamerella tardata

Polyperibola Liska 1980

Polyperibola christiani

Porticulasphaera Bolli, Loeblich&Tappan 1957

Porticulasphaera beckmanni

Postrugoglobigerina Salaj 1986

Postrugoglobigerina hariana
Postrugoglobigerina praedaubjergensis

Praeglobotruncana Bermudez 1952
= Praeglobotruncana

Praeglobotruncana (Clavihedbergella) Banner & Blow 1959
= Clavihedbergella

Praeglobotruncana (Falsomarginotruncana) Salaj 1987

Praeglobotruncana (Falsomarginotruncana) kalaati

Praegublerina Georgescu, Saupe&Huber 2009
= Praegublerina

not figuredPraehedbergella Gorbatchik & Moullade, 1973
= Hedbergella
Praehedbergella grigelisae
Praehedbergella grigelisi perforare
Praehedbergella pseudosigali
Praehedbergella ruka
Praehedbergella ruka contritus
Praehedbergella ruka papillata
Praehedbergella ruka ruka
Praehedbergella sigali compacta
Praehedbergella sigali rasilis
Praehedbergella tatianae

Praemurica Olsson, Hemleben, Berggren,&Liu, 1992
= Praemurica
Praemurica nikolasi

PraeorbulinaOlsson 1964
= Praeorbulina

Praeplanctonia Georgescu 2009

Praeplanctonia globifera
Praeplanctonia quasiplanctonica

Praetenuitella Li 1987
= Tenuitella
Praetenuitella antica
Praetenuitella impariapertura
Praetenuitella patefacta
Praetenuitella praegemma

Proliferania Georgescu 2010

Proliferania initialis

Prosphaeroidinella Ujiie 1976
= Sphaeroidinellopsis
Prosphaeroidinella parkerae
Prosphaeroidinella valleriae

Protentella Lipps 1964
= Protentella
Protentella clavaticamerata
Protentella molinae
Protentella navazuelensis
Protentella prolixa
Protentella rohiensis

P has 61 sub-taxa these are grouped in 2 pages
1 Palaeo :: 2 Proten


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