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This page provides data from the catalog of type descriptions. The catalog is sorted alphabetically. Use the current identification link to go back to the main database.

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P has 61 sub-taxa these are grouped in 2 pages
1 Palaeo :: 2 Proten
Protentelloides Zhang & Scott 1995
= Protentelloides
Protentelloides dalhousiei
Protentelloides primitiva

Protoheterohelix Georgescu & Huber 2009
= Protoheterohelix
Protoheterohelix obscura

Pseudocaucasina Arenillas & Arz 2017

Pseudocaucasina antecessor

Pseudoclavihedbergella Georgescu 2009

Pseudoclavihedbergella chevaliensis

PseudoglobigerinellaOlsson&Pearson 2006
= Pseudoglobigerinella

Pseudogloboquadrina Jenkins 1966
= Acarinina

Pseudogloborotalia Haque 1956

Pseudogloborotalia guatemalensis
Pseudogloborotalia lomasha
Pseudogloborotalia pasionensis

Pseudoguembelina Bronnimann&Brown 1953
= Pseudoguembelina
Pseudoguembelina cornuta
Pseudoguembelina costellifera
Pseudoguembelina hariaensis
Pseudoguembelina kempensis
Pseudoguembelina leroyi
Pseudoguembelina palpebra
Pseudoguembelina polypleura
Pseudoguembelina praehariaensis

Pseudoguembelitria Huber&Leckie 2011
= Pseudoguembelitria
Pseudoguembelitria blakenosensis

Pseudohastigerina Banner & Blow 1959
= Pseudohastigerina
Pseudohastigerina acutimarginata
Pseudohastigerina barbadoensis
Pseudohastigerina globulosa
Pseudohastigerina pellucida
Pseudohastigerina quadrata
Pseudohastigerina sharkriverensis
Pseudohastigerina sphaeroidalis

Pseudohastigerinoides Georgescu 2012

Pseudomenardella BouDagher-Fadel 2012
= Globanomalina
Pseudomenardella pseudomargaritae
Pseudomenardella quinquecamerata

Pseudoplanomalina Moullade et al. 2002
= Pseudoplanomalina

Pseudoschackoina Verga & Premoli Silva 2005
= Pseudoschackoina

Pseudotextularia Rzehak 1891
= Pseudotextularia

Pseudothalmanninella Wonders, 1978
= Pseudothalmanninella

Pseudoticinella Longoria, 1973

Pseudoticinella planoconvexa

Pullenia Parker & Jones, in Carpenter et al 1862

Pullenia lillisi
Pullenia sphaeroides obliquiloculata

Pulleniatina Cushman 1927
= Pulleniatina

Pulvinulina Parker & Jones, in Carpenter et al. 1862

Pylodexia Ehrenberg 1861

Pylodexia uvula

P has 61 sub-taxa these are grouped in 2 pages
1 Palaeo :: 2 Proten


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taxonomic rank: na

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