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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Protentella prolixa Lipps 1964

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Protentella prolixa

Citation: Protentella prolixa Lipps 1964
Rank: species
Type locality: Protentella prolixa is restricted to the upper part of the Luisian (samples 17 to 22).
Type age (chronostrat): Miocene
Type specimens: Types: Holotype UCLA no. 34726, sample 18, figured paratype UCLA no. 34727, sam-ple 22, 100 unfigured paratypes UCLA no. 34728 and 10 unfigured paratypes USNM no. 641566. All Luisian.
Type repository: Los Angeles; University of California, , USA

Linked specimens: USNM-641566

Current identification/main database link: Protentella prolixa Lipps 1964

Original Description
Test free, small, planispiral, involute, biumbilicate, outline deeply lobate, periphery rounded. Chambers spherical in early whorls, becoming radially elongate in last whorl, ovate to cylindrical, five or less commonly six chambers in last whorl, nearly completely embracing previous whorl. Sutures distinct, deeply depressed, radial. Wall calcareous, smooth, finely perforate. Aperture basal, equatorial, a low to high arch embracing previous whorl, up to one-third height of final chamber, with upper margin bordered by a slightly protruding lip.

Size: Greatest diameter of holotype .357 mm; greatest thickness .128 mm.

Etymology: The specific name is from the Latin prolixus, meaning "long, stretched out," in reference to the elongate chambers of this species.

Extra details from original publication
Remarks: This new species resembles Hastigerinella bermudezi Bolli, but differs in the more planispiral rather than trochospiral adult test, and the somewhat smaller size.


Lipps, J. H. (1964). Miocene planktonic foraminifera from Newport Bay, California. Tulane Studies in Geology and Paleontology. 2: 109-133. gs V O

Saito, T., Thompson, P. R. & Breger, D. (1976). Skeletal ultra-microstructure of some elongate-chambered planktonic foraminifera and related species. In, Takayanagi, Y. & Saito, T. (eds) Progress in Micropaleontology, Special Publication. Micropaleontology Press, The American Museum of Natural History, New York 278-304. gs


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