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Rugoglobigerina (Archaeoglobigerina) bashai

Citation: Rugoglobigerina (Archaeoglobigerina) bashai El-Nakhal and El-Naggar 1984
Rank: Species
Type locality: Holotype (fig. 1) from a depth of 5500-5510 ft in Al-Hout No. 11 well, in the Persian Gulf 50 km off the southern coast; paratype (fig. 2) from Cenomanian at a depth of 7020-7030 ft, and paratype (fig. 3) from a depth of 6440-6450 ft, Failaka No. 1 well, off the west end of Failaka Island east of Kuwait City; Kuwait.
Type age (chronostrat): Upper Cretaceous, Turonian, upper Mishraf Formation, Praeglobotruncana stefani Zone; ranges down to Cenomanian, Rumaila Limestone, Clavihedbergella simplex Zone.
Type specimens: pl. 1, figs. 1-3: Fig. 1, holotype; 1-2, paratypes
Type repository: Kuwait; Department of Geology, University of Kuwait.

Current identification:

Original Description
“Diagnosis. - A Rugoglobigerina (Archaeoglobigerina) with a small to medium sized, trochospiral, closely coiled test, a very small initial whorl, and a large later one with 3 large chambers, almost straight, depressed sutures and a small sized umbilicus.

“Description. - Test medium sized, coiled in a relatively low trochospire; ventral side inflated; equatorial periphery triangular, deeply lobate; axial periphery rounded; chambers of the dorsal side not all clear, initial ones are very small, globigerine and increase slowly in size as added; chambers in the outer whorl 3, globigerine, inflated, much larger than the early ones and almost equal in size; on the ventral side the chambers are 3 globigerine, inflated and increase very slowly; sutures on both sides are almost straight, radial and depressed; umbilicus small, covered by tegilla which are only partially preserved; primary aperture interiomarginal, umbilical, covered by poorly preserved tegilla; surface rough, finely papillose, wall calcareous perforate, except for the imperforate tegilla.

Size: “Dimensions of the holotype: Maximum diameter 0.227mm; minimum diameter 0.20 mm; thickness 0.141mm.

Extra details from original publication
“Remarks. - Rugoglobigerina (A.) bashai differs from the known R. (A.) species by its triangular outline and its closely coiled test.”


El-Nakhal, H. & El-Naggar, Z. R. (1984). On the occurrence of the foraminiferal genus Rugoglobigerina in the Late Cretaceous succession of Kuwait. Journal of the Geological Society of Iraq. 16-17 (1983-1984): 149-183. gs


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