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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Rugoglobigerina praehelvetica Trujillo 1960

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Rugoglobigerina praehelvetica

Citation: Rugoglobigerina praehelvetica Trujillo 1960
Rank: Species
Type specimens: 26680
Type locality: from the west bank of Salt Creek, just south of US Route 299, about 1600' east and 2300' south of the NW corner section. 35, T. 32 N., R. 3 W., east of Redding, Shasta County, CA.
Type repository: Los Angeles; UCLA

Current identification/main database link: Helvetoglobotruncana praehelvetica (Trujillo, 1960)

Original Description

The shape of the test of R. praehelvetica is rotaloid, spiral side flattened, about 2.5 whorls constituting the spire, in transverse section the individual whorls are rounded on the spiral side and in some specimens the latter part of the ultimate whorl becomes somewhat angular, with the inner whorls occasionally raised to a common level above the outer whorls. The periphery is lobulate, and the edge is very broadly rounded. There are usually 5-6 chambers in the ultimate whorl that are quite inflated and increase rather rapidly in size as added. Sutures are calcareous, perforate, and with varying degrees of rugosity, but usually only faintly so. The umbilicus is deep and rather wide. Aperture is interiomarginal, opening into the umbilicus and often covered by a platelike extension of the final chamber. About 95% of the studied specimens coil dextrally.



Extra details from original publication

Editors' Notes


Trujillo, E. F. (1960). Upper Cretaceous foraminifera from near Redding, Shasta County, California. Journal of Paleontology. 34: 290-346. gs


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