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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Shastrina udbodhaka Singh and Kalia 1970

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Shastrina udbodhaka

Citation: Shastrina udbodhaka Singh and Kalia 1970
taxonomic rank: Species
Type specimens: holotype No. SFKly/69 and paratype Nos. SFKly/69/1-2.
Type age (chronostrat): Flosculina zone, Bikaner stage, Kirthar series (Lutetian).
Type locality: About 6 kilometres west of Shri Kolayatji village, near Fuller's earth quarry, Bikaner, Rajasthan, India.
Type repository: Author's collection, (? Lucknow University)

Current identification:

Original Description

Test elongate, helicospiral, tapering in the earlier part, later almost uniform in width; gradual reduction in number of chambers in three distinct stages: 4 to 6 volutions of triserial stage, 4 to 5 volutions of biserial stage and 1 to 2 occasionally 3 chambers in the uniserial stage. Sutures distinct, depressed, oblique in the earlier two stages and horizontal in the uniserial. Aperture terminal, oval in outline, bordered by a thick lip. Test surface hispid, wall calcareous, coarsely perforate, bilamellar in microstructure. The megalospheric forms in comparison to the microspheric are smaller and have a blunt and rounded initial end.

Holotype No. SFKly/69 0·475mm long 0·15mm wide 0·1mm thick. (Microspheric) Paratype SFKly/69/1 0·425mm long 0·2 0·125 (Megalospheric) Paratype SFKly/69/2 0·4 mm long 0·225mm wide 0·15mm thick. (Megalospheric)

The Sanskrit adjective udbodhaka means representative.

Extra details from original publication
Remarks: Rare in the yellow ferruginous part of the Flosculina zone.


Singh, S. N. & Kalia, P. (1970). Shastrina—a new heterohelicid genus and new species of Pseudogloborotalia Haque and Chiloguembelina Loeblich and Tappan from Kirthars of Rajasthan, India. Proceedings of the Indian National Science Academy. 36, B: 166-174. gs


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