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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Streptochilus subglobigerum Resig 1989

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Streptochilus subglobigerum

Citation: Streptochilus subglobigerum Resig 1989
Rank: Species
Type locality: DSDP Site 62.1 - W Eq Pacific
Type age (chronostrat): Late Miocene (Nl6)
Type sample (& lithostrat): DSDP Site 62.1, 28-1, 109-111 cm.
Type specimens: USNM 181990
Type repository: Washington, USNM

Linked specimens: USNM-181990 USNM-448280

Current identification/main database link: Streptochilus subglobigerum Resig 1989

Original Description
Test biserial with 6 pairs of inflated chambers separated by incised, relatively straight sutures; test some- times twisted, tapering rapidly toward the proloculus. Wall finely perforate and finely cancellate, becoming smooth in the later chambers. Aperture a wide, high arch from the base onto the face of the last chamber, bordered by a collar that is intumed on one side to fuse with an internal plate connecting with the intumed collar of the previous aperture.

Size: Length 0.27 mm; breadth 0.16 mm.

Extra details from original publication
Remarks: S. subglobigerum differs from S. globigerum (cf. pl. 2, figs. 8-11) mainly in the smoothness of its final chambers, and in its discrete stratigraphic range. It tends to be more finely cancellate and more rapidly expanding than S. globigerum. Later forms of S. subglobigerum with lower, more numerous chambers or with reduced cancellations (pl. 1, figs. 11, 12) are transitional to Streptochilus latum.

Editors' Notes
Orthography: Streptochilus is a neuter noun (Smart & Thomas 2018, p.501) so the correct form of the species name is subglobigerum, as per the original description, although it has sometimes been given as subglobigerus.


Resig, J. M. (1989). Stratigraphic distribution of late Neogene species of the planktonic foraminifer Streptochilus in the Indo-Pacific. Micropaleontology. 35(49-62): -. gs

Smart, C. W. & Thomas, E. (2018). Taxonomy, biostratigraphy, and phylogeny of Oligocene Streptochilus. In, Wade, B. S., Olsson, R. K., Pearson, P. N., Huber, B. T. & Berggren, W. A. (eds) Atlas of Oligocene Planktonic Foraminifera. Cushman Foundation for Foraminiferal Research, Special Publication. 46(Chap 19): 495-511. gs V O


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