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Ticinella caronae

Citation: Ticinella caronae Longoria and Gamper 1977
Rank: Species
Type locality: Sabinas Basin, Northern Mexico
Type age (chronostrat): Ticinella breggiensis zone, Albian
Type sample (& lithostrat): 44
Type specimens: PI. 1, Figs. 1-3, 13-15: The figured paratypes will bedeposited in the Longoria Collection of the Instituto de Geologia, UNAM.
Type repository: USNM;

Current identification/main database link: Ticinella primula Luterbacher, in Renz et al., 1963

Original Description
Test of medium size, low trochospire; peripheral margin elliptical, lobate; six to seven chambers in the last whorl, increasing gradually in size, except for the ultimate chamber which is two or three times higher than the penultimate chamber; early chambers subtriangular, last chambers crescent-shaped on both spiral and umbilical sides; sutures strongly depressed and straight on both spiral and umbilical sides; primary aperture extraumbilical-spiroumbilical in position; umbilicus narrow and shallow.

Etymology: This species is named for M. Caron in honor of her contributions to the study of the Lower Cretaceous Hedbergelloidea.

Extra details from original publication
Variation of the species. Ticinella caronae n. sp. shows little morphologic variation. All the specimens observed (about 80) show the diagnostic last chamber which is about three times bigger than the penultimate. Some specimens have the tendency to develop more inflated chambers on the umbilical side; however, they possess the other diagnostic features of the species.

Remarks. Ticinella caronae n. sp. is characterized by its ultimate chamber that is about three times bigger than the penultimate chamber and by its subtriangular earlier chambers of the last whorl. These features basically separate T. caronae n. sp. from Ticinella primulla Luterbacher and Ticinella petalloidea n. sp.  

Range. Thalmanninella ticinensis Zone (Upper Albian)


Longoria, J. F. & Gamper, M. A. (1977). Albian planktoinc foraminifera from the Sabinas Basin of northern Mexico. Journal of Foraminiferal Research. 7(3): 190-215. gs


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