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Trochoguembelitria liuae

Citation: Trochoguembelitria liuae Arenillas et al. 2016
Rank: Species
Type locality: El Haria Formation, El Kef section, Tunisia.
Type age (chronostrat): lower part of Subzone P1a, or lower part of Eoglobigerina trivialis Subzone of Parasubbotina pseudobulloides Zone by Arenillas et al. (2004), lower Danian.
Type sample (& lithostrat): 8.5 m above the Cretaceous/Paleogene boundary of the El Kef section (loc. KF20.50)
Type specimens: Holotype MPZ 2014/295 (Plate 3, Fig. 1): maximum diameter or length = 187.2 μm, width = 160.7 μm, height = 148.1 μm; Paratype MPZ 2014/296 (Plate 3, Fig. 2): length = 132.2 μm, width = 108.8 μm, height = 95.9 μm; Paratype MPZ 2014/297 (Plate 3, Fig. 3): l
Type repository: Saragosa; Museo de Ciencias Naturales of the Universidad de Zaragoza, Gobierno de Arag—n, Spain

Current identification:

Original Description
Trochospiral test, slightly high spire, 10 to 12 spherical chambers in 3 spiral whorls, 4.5 to 5 chambers in the last whorl, slowly increasing in size. Outline lobate, subpentagonal, with incised sutures. Aperture umbilical to umbilical-extraumbilical (anterio-intraumbilical to intra-extraumbilical), rounded, asymmetrical and elongated, with a thin imperforate lip. Wall calcareous hyaline, microperforate, pustulate to rugose consisting of blunt pustules that may coalesce to form small, not aligned rugosities; pustules and rugosities imperforate or with decentred or pe- ripherally associated pores; scattered pore-mounds. Adult size ranges 120–200 μm in maximum diameter.

Size: maximum diameter or length = 187.2 μm, width = 160.7 μm, height = 148.1 μm;

Etymology: Species dedicated to Chengjie Liu, one of the first in identifying these morphotypes.

Extra details from original publication
Biostratigraphic occurrence: Lower Danian, identified from the middle-upper part of the E. simplicissima Subzone (upper part of the Pv. eugubina Zone) to the E. trivialis Subzone (lower part of the P.pseudobulloides Zone), i.e., from the upper part of Pα to the top of P1a of Berggren & Pearson (2005).

Remarks: T. liuae sp. nov. strongly resembles Pv. sabina, but the latter is smaller and has a smooth wall texture. T. extensa differs from T. liuae sp. nov. in having fewer chambers in the last whorl (3.5 to 4 instead of 4 to 5 chambers) and intraumbilical aperture. T. alabamensis has a higher trochospiral test and lesser number of chambers in the last whorl. T. liuae sp. nov. also resembles Eoglobigerina edita (Subbotina, 1953) and/or Eoglobigerina praeedita Blow, 1979, which have similar sizes, but these mainly differ in having cancellate wall texture, spines (at least the first one), and often well-developed apertural lips. The morphology of this species could be similar to that described by Salaj (1986) for Postrugoglobigerina hariana (i.e., low-trochospiral, intraumbilical aperture, and 5 chambers in the last whorl). As Pt. praedaubjergensis, the holotype of this species has been lost and its identification becomes confusing so Pt. hariana should be considered nomen dubium non conservandum; its wall texture and stratigraphical range seem to not coincide with those of T. liuae sp. nov. Specimens illustrated by Olsson et al. (1999), with pore-mound and/or ostulate wall texture, and five chambers in the last whorl are herein included in T. liuae sp. nov. They identified these morphotypes as Pv. eugubina.


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Arenillas, I., Arz, J. A. & Náñez, C. (2016). New species of the genus Trochoguembelitria from the lowermost Danian of Tunisia–biostratigraphic and evolutionary implications in planktonic foraminifera. Palaeontographica Abteilung A Palaeozoologie Stratigraphie. 305: 135-161. gs

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Salaj, J. (1986). The new Postrugoglobigerina praedaubjergensis Zone at the base of the stratotype of the marine Paleocene (El Kef, Tunisia). Geologiscky Zbornik -Geologica Carpathica. 37: 35-58. gs V O


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