CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Truncorotaloides libyaensis El Khoudary 1977

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Truncorotaloides libyaensis

Citation: Truncorotaloides libyaensis El Khoudary 1977
Rank: Species

Current identification/main database link: Acarinina topilensis (Cushman 1925)

Original Description
"Diagnosis.- Umbilico-convex test with rectangular to subrectangular periphery and five chambers in the last whorl; with or without rudimentary final chamber. Umbilicus wide and deep. A perture is an umbilical-extraumbilical low arch with a liplike border. Wo sutural openings are present. Wall calcareous perforate and surface rugose. "Description.- Test medium sized. Spiral flat to slightly convex, umbilical side convex. Equatorial periphery rectangular to subrectangular and slightly to moderately lobate. Axial periphery ovate to subangular. Chambers arranged in about three whorls and increase rapidly in size. The chambers of the initial part of the testare inflated subglobular. Those of the last whorl, usually five, are flat and elongate rectangular on the spiral side and rounded to subangular in ventral view. The fifth chamber in the last volution lies mostly diagonally between the first and the fourth chamber of the same volution and is generally in contact with the last chamber of the second whorl. It may be larger or smaller than the penultimate one. One to three rudimentary chambers may be observed. They may be added on the umbilical side or the spiral side or on both sides. In some specimens the fifth chamber or a rudimentary sixth chamber may be bulla-like and covers the umbilicus. The first chamber in the last whorl may be inflated and portrude above the level of the spiral side. Formswith irregularf inal chamber exist as well. The umbilicus is wide and deep. The aperture is a low arch with a liplike border and is umbilical-extraumbilical. Two secondary sutural openings are present on the spiral side at the inner margins of the later chambers, where they lie against the previous whorl. Sutures are radial on the umbilical side and straight to gently curved on the dorsal side and are depressed. The wall is calcarious perforate with a rugose surface.

Editors' Notes
original combination not double checked


El Khoudary, R. H. (1977). Truncorotaloides libyaensis, a new planktonic foraminifer from Al Jabal al Akhdar (Libya). Revista Española de Micropaleontología. 9: 326-336. gs


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