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Turborotalia vagalkhodensis

Citation: Turborotalia vagalkhodensis Mukhopadhyay 2005
Rank: Species
Type locality: About 1.5 km north of Vagalkhod in the Amravati River section. India
Type age (chronostrat): P13, Middle Eocene
Type sample (& lithostrat): Sample no. 95 from the lower part (pt-i) of the Amravati Formation.
Type specimens: Pl. I, figs 8-14 ; Pl. III, fig. 21;Figured specimen Pl. I, figs 8-10, laboratory registration no. T-4/95/P20/I.
Type repository: Kolkata; Palaeontology Division, Geological Survey of India, 15, Kyd Street, Kolkata-700016, India

Current identification:

Original Description
Diagnosis: Small globigerine test, large number of chambers in the last whorl, axial periphery perfectly round, early spire lowly raised, radial ventral sutures curved near periphery, umbilical-extraumbilical aperture extends close to the periphery resulting partial visibility in dorsal view.

Description: Test small, low trochospiral, outline subcircular in dorsal view, subelliptical in peripheral view ; dorsal side nearly flat, ventral side strongly convex ; trilobate in ventral view, peripheral margin round ; spire tight comprising more than 3 whorls, early spire slightly raised ; early whorls indistinct, 5 to 5.5 longer than high chambers in last whorl markedly increase in size, last chamber largest; spiral suture faint in early part, septal sutures slightly depressed radial; sutures on the ventral side radial depressed curved near periphery; chambers subglobose, umbilicus medium shallow ; aperture interiomarginal, umbilical-extraumbilical arch extending close to the periphery, bordered with narrow lip ; part of arched aperture sometimes visible in slightly oblique dorsal view ; surface uniformly finely perforate.

Etymology: Named after Vagalkhod village in Bharuch District, Gujarat, western India.

Extra details from original publication
Remarks: A little variation occurs in peripheral outline, number of chambers and spiral suture in the last whorl, shape and size of last chamber, and width of umbilicus. Turborotalia vagalkhodensis n. sp. differs from T. frontosa in having more chambers in the last whorl, more acute rise in early spire, globose last chamber, more round peripheral margin and wider aperture. In certain aspects including distinct rise in early spire, radially depressed sutures on umbilical side, trilobate outline, tight spire and broadly rounded peripheral margin of the last chamber T. vagalkhodensis resembles T. possagnoensis Toumarkine & Bolli (1970, p. 139- 140, pl. I, figs 4-9) but differ in having more chambers in the last whorl, more globose last chamber and wider aperture extending close to periphery. It appears that the former evolved from the latter during G. beckmanni Zone by increasing number of chambers, sphericity of last chamber and acquiring acute early spire.
Distribution: In section line Ia this species is restricted to the T. vagalkhodensis Zone (P13, Middle Eocene) covering parts i and ii of the Amravati Formation.
Other material studied: Six out of twelve specimens from Globigerapsis beckmanni Zone.


Mukhopadhyay, S. K. (2005). Turborotalia cerroazulensis group in the Paleogene sequence of Cambay Basin, India with a note on the evolution of Turborotalia cunialensis (Toumarkine & Bolli). Revue de Paléobiologie. 24: 29-50. gs V O

Toumarkine, M. & Bolli, H. M. (1970). Evolution de Globorotalia cerroazulensis (Cole) dans l'Eocene moyen et superieur de Possagno (Italie). Revue de Micropaléontologie. 13(3): 131-145. gs


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