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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Turborotalita quinqueloba lingulata Collen & Vella 1973

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Turborotalita quinqueloba lingulata

Citation: Turborotalita quinqueloba lingulata Collen & Vella 1973
taxonomic rank: sub-species
Described on page(s) : 22
Type specimens: holotype (fig. 3), no. VF948; and figured paratypes, nos. VF949 (fig. 1), VF950 (fig. 9), VF978 (fig. 2).
Type age (chronostrat): Upper Pliocene, Mangapanian Stage
Type locality: N139f544 Rangitikei Valley, 150 m south of Mangaweka Railway Station.
Type repository: Wellington; Department of Geology, Victoria University of Wellington.

Current identification:

Original Description

Pores and perforations: same as in T . quinqueioba quinqueloba.
A small minority of New Zealand Pliocene and Quarternary specimens of T. quinqueloba have the leading edge of the flap-like extension of the final chamber fused to one or more of the earlier chambers of the final whorl. They seem to belong to the same interbreeding population as the typical G. quinqueloba. Most of the specimens have two openings, one on either sid of the soldered down part of the flap; a few specimens have more than two openings as in T. humilis. All specimens have five chambers in the final whorl, and have the same kind of gross and detailed morphology as typical T. quinqueloba. The specimen illustrated by Bizon (loc. cit.) appears to be identical with the New Zealand spccimens that have two openings under the apertural flap

Holotype: VF948, diameter 0.23 mm; height 0.17 mm. Paratypes: VF949, diameter 0.17 mm; height 0.12 mm. VF950, diameter 0.15 mm; height 0.12 mm. VF978, diameter 0.24 mm; height 0.15 mm.

Extra details from original publication


Collen, I. D. & Vella, P. (1973). Pliocene planktonic foraminifera, southern North Island, New Zealand,. Journal of Foraminiferal Research. 3(1): 13-29. gs


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Comments (3)


Turborotalia quinqueloba subsp. lingulata Collen & Vella, 1973 not Turborotalita (original publication)

Jeremy Young(UK)

I don't see a problem - it was definitely placed in Turborotalita in Collen & Vella 1973 - although Ellis & Messina have it indexed under Turborotalia. (Blow & Banner really should not have used such a confusing generic name though).


Yes, you are right. Misreading influenced by E&M and confusing name.