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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Velapertina luczkowskae Popescu, in Popescu & Cioflica 1973

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Velapertina luczkowskae

Citation: Velapertina luczkowskae Popescu, in Popescu & Cioflica 1973
Rank: species
Described on page(s) : 197-8
Type specimens: pl. 8. figs. 75-77; holotype, no. 101203.
Type age (chronostrat): Miocene, upper Velapertina iorgu/escui Zone.
Type locality: Dobrota, Mirului valley, Prahova district, Subcarpathians, Romania.
Type repository: Bucharest; Geological Institute, Bucharest. Romania

Current identification:

Original Description

Test free, globular to subspherical; early portion trochospiral, final chamber spherical, embracing and covering umbilical region of early coil, giving much more than 65% from the surface of the test; wall calcareous, perforated, radial in structure, with surface finely pitted; radial sutures slightly depressed; suture of the last chamber curved; primary aperture in the early stage interiomarginal, umbilicaL in the adult stage there is no primary opening except the small rounded or hemicircular sutural apertures which surround the last chamber and openings on the surface of the last chamber, like in Orbulina. [translation from Ellis & Messina catalog]

Greatest diameter of holotype 0.45 mm. Paratypes range between 0.44 and 0.47 mm. in greatest diameter.


Extra details from original publication
Velapertina luczkowskae is the most evolved species of the genus Velapertina. It is typically found in the terminal part of the Velapertina iorgulescui Zone. being most often separate from the latter. A homeomorphic species from which it differs only slightly is Orbulina suturalis Bronnimann. The major distinctions between them are the deep spiral and intra-cameral sutures and the lower percentage by which the last whorl covers the test in V. luczkowskae. Another similar species is Praeorbulina glomerosa, from which it differs by the convex form of the suture in the last whorl and the existence of areal apertures, and by the moderate thickness of the walls.

Editors' Notes


Popescu, G. & Cioflica, G. (1973). Contribuții la microbiostratigrafia miocenului mediu din nordul Transilvaniei: Studii şi cercetări de geologie, geofizica, geografie. Studii si Cercetari de Geologie Geofizica Geografie Seria Geologie. 18: 187-218. gs

Popescu, G. (1973). Contributii la microbiostratigrafia miocenului mediu din nordul Transilvaniei. In, Popescu, G. & Cioflica, G. (eds) . Studii si Cercetari de Geologie Geofizica Geografie Seria Geologie. 18: 1-195. gs


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