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Hedbergella sigali

Classification: pf_mesozoic -> Hedbergellidae -> Hedbergella -> Hedbergella sigali
Sister taxa: << < H. kuhryi, H. kuznetsovae, H. labocaensis, H. luterbacheri, H. maslakovae, H. mitra, H. modesta, H. occulta, H. praelippa, H. praetrocoidea, H. primare, H. quadricamerata, H. roblesae, H. ruka, H. semielongata, H. sigali, H. similis, H. speetonensis, H. tardita, H. tatianae, H. trocoidea, H. tunisiensis, H. tuschepsensis, H. ventriosa, H. sp.


Citation: Hedbergella sigali Moullade 1966
taxonomic rank: Species
Basionym: Hedbergella sigali
Synonyms: Praehedbergella grigelisae

Type images:

Original description: Translated from French (Chronos translation). "Trochospiral test, ventrally involute, dorsally evolute (two whorls showing), of a small size (diameter 0.20 to 0.30mm), fairly compressed, with a lobate outline, 4 to 4.5 chambers (mostly 4) in the last whorl; the chambers are globular, with a fair increase in height as added. Spiral side most of the time flat, sometimes more or less convex, as a result of a raising (never very marked) of the trochospire. Ventral side without umbilicus. Aperture, ventral, umbilical-extraumbilical, reaching the periphery, bordered by a short lip."

Test trochospiralé, involute ventralement, évolute dorsalement (deux tours d' enroulement visibles ), de petite taille (diamètre de l'ordre de 0, 20 à 0,30 mm), modérément comprimé, au contour lobé, avec 4 à 4, 5 loges (le plus souvent 4) au dernier tour; les loges sont globuleuses, avec un accroissement en hauteur assez rapide à mesure qu'elles s'ajoutent. Face dorsale 1e plus souvent plane, parfois plus ou moins bombée, par suite d'un décollement (jamais très prononcé) de la trochospire, Face ventrale non ombiliquée. Ouverture ventrale, ombilicale-extraombilicale, atteignant la périphérie, bordée d'une courte lèvre .

Entries in the Catalog of original descriptions: Hedbergella sigali, Praehedbergella grigelisae

Emended description:

Test small to medium, coiled on a flat to weakly convex trochospire; 2 to 2.5 whorls; 4 to occasionally 4.5 chambers in the outer whorl increasing slowly to rather rapidly in size as added; chambers globular to subglobular, possibly becoming slightly reniform in lateral view; equatorial periphery cross-shaped, slightly to strongly lobate; sutures depressed, radial mainly straight; umbilical area, when present, small and shallow; aperture as a low to medium arch bordered by a lip. Wall smooth, finely perforate, that may be covered by perforation cones in the early chambers of the last whorl. [copied from Chronos database]

Character matrix
test outline:Lobatechamber arrangement:Trochospiraledge view:Spiroconvexaperture:
sp chamber shape:Globularcoiling axis:Lowperiphery:N/Aaperture border:Thin lip
umb chbr shape:Globularumbilicus:Narrowperiph margin shape:Broadly roundedaccessory apertures:N/A
spiral sutures:Strongly depressedumb depth:Deepwall texture:Smoothshell porosity:Finely Perforate: 1-2.5µm
umbilical or test sutures:Strongly depressedfinal-whorl chambers:4-4.5 N.B. These characters are used for advanced search. N/A - not applicable

Geological Range:
Last occurrence (top): within T. rohri (-Ma, top in "Holocene" stage). Data source: copied from Chronos database, but zonal name updated from T. bejaouaensis to T. rohri
First occurrence (base): at base of H. sigali zone (0% up, 134.7Ma, in Valanginian stage). Data source: zonal marker (from Timescale Creator)

Plot of range and occurrence data:


Banner, F. T., Copestake, P. & White, M. R. (1993). Barremian-Aptian Praehedbergellidae of the North Sea area: a reconnaisance. Bulletin of the Natural History Museum, London (Geology). 49: 1-30. gs

Lipson-Benitah, S. & Almogi-Labin, A. (2004). Aptian planktonic foraminifera from Israel. Israel Journal of Earth Sciences. 53(1): 27-46. gs

Moullade, M. (1966). Etude stratigraphique et micropaleontologique du Crétacé inférieur de la "fosse vocontienne". Document des Laboratoires de Géologie de la Faculté des Sciences de Lyon. 15: 1-369. gs


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