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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Acanthosphaera stalactites Clark & Campbell 1945

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Acanthosphaera stalactites

Citation: Acanthosphaera stalactites Clark & Campbell 1945
taxonomic rank: species
Described on page(s) : p.16
Type specimens: pl.5, fig.4
Family (traditional): Actinommidae
Family (modern): Actinommidae

Current identification:

Original Description

Simple, hollow, globular lattice-shell having 4 similarly circular pores of the same diameter on a radius; a raised, hexagonal meshwork encloses the single pores which lie at the bottom of a depressed, hyaline area within the pore-frames; 8 similar, basally flared radial spines, regularly opposite in pairs perpendicular to one another, exceed the shell-diameter by about 20 per cent; these spines are 3-bladed, prismatic with similar apically sharp points and angular interfaces (the spines as a whole mostly deflected in the distal 0.3); each blade bears at its middle a transverse ramule which is twice repeatedly branched; these ramules are again branched so that the total number of branches is 12.

Diameter of shell 62µm, of pores 10µm; length of radial spines 87µm.

Extra details from original publication
Distinguishing characters: The repeated branching of the ramules of the spine-blades recalls a nearly similar condition in Hexancistra quadricuspis Haeckel (1887), but in that species the branches are terminal and much larger, and the radial spines as a whole are different in form.

Editors' Notes
[The authors here list Acanthosphaera stalactites under the subgeneric name Rhaphidocapsa and include the subgeneric name in the species name.


Clark, B. L. & Campbell, A. S. (1945b). Radiolaria from the Kreyenhangen Formation near Los Banos, California. Geological Society of America, Memoir. 1-66. gs


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