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Aspis murus Nishimura 1992
= Aspis murus
Aspis velutochlamydosaurus Nishimura 1992
= Aspis velutochlamydosaurus


Citation: Aspis Nishimura 1992
taxonomic rank: genus
Type species: Aspis velutochlamydosaurus Nishimura 1992
Described on page(s) : 358
Family (traditional): Artostrobiidae

Current identification/main database link: Aspis Nishimura 1992

Original Description

Test consists of two or three (?) segments; cephalis quite rough-surfaced, covered with flared, bugle-like tubes or pores, often with an apical horn. Internal cephalic skeletal elements invisible. It is possible that the cephalis may be broken or missing, as the apical part is remarkably ragged externally. Thorax cylindrically spindle-shaped, penetrated by many circular pores regularly longitudinally arranged. Abdomen (?) quite short, broken or ragged, often with three terminal feet.

The name is derived from the Greek, meaning with a buckler.


Nishimura, A. (1992). Paleocene radiolarian biostratigraphy in the northeast Atlantic at Site 384, Leg 43, of the Deep Sea Drilling Project. Micropaleontology. 38(4): 317-362. gs


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