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Citation: Calosphaera Campbell 1951
taxonomic rank: genus
Type species: Thalassosphaera belonium Haeckel 1887
Described on page(s) : 527

Current identification:

Original Description

Thalassosphaeridae without alveoles and with simple, unbranched, needle-shaped spicules within the calymma.

No information given"

Editors' Notes
A new name proposed for Thalassophaera Haeckel, 1887a, p.30, a junior homonym of Thalassosphaera Haeckel, 1862, p.260

Haeckel (1887, p. 31) stated ""I here confine the genus Thalassophaera to those Beloidea in which the body exhibits no alveoles, and the siliceous, solid spicula in the calymma are quite simple needles.""

At the same time he excluded Sphaerozoum bifurcum Haeckel 1860 (p.845), referred to Thalassosphaera Haeckel 1862, from the genus and placed it in the subgenus Thalassoxanthomma Haeckel 1887 (p. 33) of the genus Thalassoxanthium Haeckel 1887 (p.31). The only other species included in Thalassophaera by Haeckel in 1862 was Thalassicolla morum Müller 1858, a species which was later redescribed as Calcaromma calcarea by Thompson, 1877 (p.233). This may not be a radiolarian or it may be a true Thalassicolla. Haeckel believed it might be a species of his Actissa Haeckel 1887 to which calcareous bodies of several sorts are adherent.

In spite of its removal in 1887 Sphaerozoum bifurcum is the only undisputed member of Tha!assosphaera and the 1887 description of the genus does not agree with its characters since its spicules are branched or compound rather than simple needles. A new name for the group for which Haeckel used the name Thalassosphaera in 1887 is required.

The characters of Sphaerozoum bifurcum are those upon which Thalassoxanthium Haeckel 1887 (p. 31) was based and this name is a junior synonym of Thalassosphaera. The type species is Thalassosphaera bifurca (Haeckel). Thalassoxanthomma Haeckel 1887 is a second junior synonym of Thalassosphaera.

Calosphaera differs from Thalassosphaera Haeckel 1862 in having simple instead of branched or compound spicules, and from Physematium Meyen 1834 in not having alveoles in any part of the cell.


Campbell, A. S. (1951). New genera and subgenera of Radiolaria. Journal of Paleontology. 25(4): 527-530. gs


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