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Clathrocyclas alcmenae Haeckel 1887
= Clathrocyclas alcmenae
Clathrocyclas aurelia Clark & Campbell 1945
= Clathrocyclas aurelia
Clathrocyclas australis Hollis 1997
= Clathrocyclas australis
Clathrocyclas basilea Haeckel 1887

Clathrocyclas bicornis Hays 1965

Clathrocyclas cabrilloensis Campbell & Clark 1944
= Cycladophora cabrilloensis
Clathrocyclas cassiopeiae Haeckel 1887
= Clathrocyclas cassiopeiae
Clathrocyclas collaris Haeckel 1887

Clathrocyclas coscinodiscus Haeckel 1887

Clathrocyclas danaes Haeckel 1887
= Lampromitra danaes
Clathrocyclas diceros Foreman 1968

Clathrocyclas europae Haeckel 1887
= Eucecryphalus europae
Clathrocyclas humerus Petrushevskaya 1975
= Cycladophora humerus
Clathrocyclas jonis Haeckel 1887

Clathrocyclas latonae Haeckel 1887

Clathrocyclas lipmanae Kozlova 1999

Clathrocyclas pirum Berdnikov 1991

Clathrocyclas principessa Haeckel 1887

Clathrocyclas semeles Haeckel 1887
= Clathrocyclas semeles
Clathrocyclas transitiva Kozlova 1999

Clathrocyclas universa Clark & Campbell 1942
= Clathrocyclas universa
Clathrocyclas universa amplaspina Clark & Campbell 1942

Clathrocyclas universa cylindrica Clark & Campbell 1942

Clathrocyclas universa grandis Clark & Campbell 1942

Clathrocyclas universa subsp. grandis [pri. jun. hom] Clark & Campbell (1945)

Clathrocyclas universa kranimorphos Clark & Campbell 1942

Clathrocyclas universa longispina Clark & Campbell 1942

Clathrocyclas universa nova Clark & Campbell 1942
= Clathrocyclas universa nova
Clathrocyclas universa subadvena Clark & Campbell 1942

Clathrocyclas universa undella Clark & Campbell 1942

Clathrocyclas universa universa Clark & Campbell 1942


Citation: Clathrocyclas Haeckel 1882
taxonomic rank: genus
Type species: Clathrocyclas principessa Haeckel 1887 [designated by Campbell,1954, p.D132]
Described on page(s) : 434
Family (traditional): Theoperidae

Current identification/main database link: Clathrocyclas Haeckel 1881

Original Description

3a. Tribus: Theocorida
B. Theocorida coronata (Calocyclida) margine ostii corona spinarum terminali ornato. -- Omnia acuta.
BI. corona simplici.
Ib. dent. cor. poris perforat.

3a. Tribe: Theocorida. Open, eradiate Triocyrtida.
B. Coronate Theocorida (Calocyclida). The apertural margin provided with a terminal corona of spines. - All acute.
BI. With single coro-na.Ia. With teeth of the corona spiny.
Ib. With teeth of the corona perforated by pores. (Translated from Latin by E.M.R. and W.R.R.)]

From the Greek clathrocyclas = fenestrated female robe"

Extra details from original publication

Sub-genera described:


Haeckel, E. (1882a). Entwurf eines Radiolarien-Systems auf Grund von Studien der Challenger-Radiolarien [Basis for a radiolarian classification from the study of Radiolaria of the Challenger collection]. Jenaische Zeitschrift für Naturwissenschaft. 15: 418-472. gs O


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