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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Lithomelissa (Corythomelissa) Campbell 1951

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Corythomelissa horrida Petrushevskaya 1975
= Pseudodictyophimus horrida
Corythomelissa omoprominentia Funakawa 1995

Corythomelissa pachyostraca Funakawa 1995

Corythomelissa spinosa Funakawa 1995


Citation: Lithomelissa (Corythomelissa) Campbell 1951
taxonomic rank: sub-genus
Type species: Lithomelissa corythium Ehrenberg 1873 [Campbell,1951, p.529]
Described on page(s) : 529
Family (traditional): Plagiacanthidae

Current identification/main database link: Corythomelissa

See also: Lithomelissa - Corythomelissa was described as a sub-genus of Lithomelissa;

Original Description

Lithomelissae having the cephalis with three, four or more apical horns including a primary or occipital horn, a secondary or frontal horn, and one or more accessory or parietal horns.

but later (1887, p.1237) was stated to be "Dicyrtoidea triradiata clausa. The intent of the first definition is clear but the second one is an obvious error. A new name is required for the species described on pages 1207 and 1208 of the Challenger Repor

Editors' Notes
A new name proposed for Sethomelissa Haeckel, 1887a, p.1207, a junior homonym of Sethomelissa Haeckel, 1881a, p.431.

[In 1887 Haeckel used the name Sethomelissa twice for very different Radiolarida. First it was considered a subgenus of Lithomelissa (p.1207) and later (p.1237) an independent genus. In Haeckel's earlier paper (1881, p.431) the genus was clealy defined as, ""Dicyrtida aperta triradiata


Campbell, A. S. (1951). New genera and subgenera of Radiolaria. Journal of Paleontology. 25(4): 527-530. gs


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