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not figuredCyphonium coscinoides Haeckel 1887

Cyphonium cribellum Haeckel 1887

not figuredCyphonium diattus Haeckel 1887

not figuredCyphonium ethmarium Haeckel 1887

not figuredCyphonium hexagonium Haeckel 1887

not figuredCyphonium mammarium Haeckel 1887

Cyphonium monozonium Popofsky 1912

not figuredCyphonium trinacrium Haeckel 1887

Cyphonium virgineum Haeckel 1887


Citation: Cyphonium Haeckel 1887
taxonomic rank: genus
Type species: Cyphonium coscinoides Haeckel 1887 [designated by Chediya,1959, p.117]
Described on page(s) : 362
Family (traditional): not-known

Current identification:

Original Description

Cyphinida with simple cortical shell and double medullary shell, without polar spines or tubes.

From the Greek cyphonium = roundish vessel"

Extra details from original publication
The genus Cyphonium contains a number of very common species, among which are the earliest known forms of this family, partly described by Ehrenberg as Ommatospyris (which genus contains also a number of other Prunoidea), partly by me (1862) as Didymocyrtis. Both names are inadequate, as allusions to quite different families of Nassellaria, but may be retained as significations of subgeneric divisions. Cyphonium differs from Cyphanta by the double medullary shell, which is either spherical or lenticular.

[It may seem, in accordance with ICZN (1961) art. 23 (e, i) that this genus should have been called Ommatospyris Ehrenberg, 1860, since here in 1887a Haeckel treats Ommatospyris as a subgenus of Cyphonium. However, this now seems inappropriate, since the type species of Ommatospyris (subsequent designation by Campbell, 1954, p.D75, O. apicata Ehrenberg 1872a) is not included here in Cyphonium at the time of its generic definition.]
Sub-genera described:


Haeckel, E (1887). Report on the Radiolaria collected by H.M.S. Challenger during the years 1873-1876. Report on the Scientific Results of the Voyage of H.M.S. Challenger during the years 1873-1876. 18: 1-1803. gs O


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