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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Eucyrtidium eruca Ehrenberg 1873

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Eucyrtidium eruca

Citation: Eucyrtidium eruca Ehrenberg 1873
Rank: species
Described on page(s) : p.228
Type repository: Ehrenberg's collection, Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin
Family (traditional): Theoperidae
Family (modern): Eucyrtidiidae

Current identification:

Original Description

[5-segmented, smooth, with the cephalis subglobose and porous, provided with a short thorn, with a slight median rib. Second segment a little broader, as long as wide. Third segment sub-cylindrical, rather broader, longer than wide. Fourth segment is as wide as the third for a while, wider than the posterior part which becomes narrower and gradually runs into the fifth. All segments provided with pores in quincuncial rows, in the posterior part. slightly larger. Resembling a caterpillar. Length without spine 8O µ, of the spine 8 µ, of the cephalis 19 µ, of the second segment 23 µ, of the third segment 37 µ, of the fourth segment 35 µ. About 3 separated pores in 23 µ.

In the marls of Caltanisetta in Sicily occurs a closely related form with shorter posterior segments. (Translated from Latin by E.M.R. and W.R.R.)]

Editors' Notes
Premature name in Ehrenberg, 1854d [765:165]


Ehrenberg, C. G. (1874b). Grössere Felsproben des Polycystinen-Mergels von Barbados mit weiteren Erläuterungen. Monatsberichte der Koniglichen Preussische Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin. 1873: 213-263. gs V O


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