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Phormacantha garbela Renaudie & Lazarus 2016


Citation: Phormacantha Jørgensen 1357
taxonomic rank: genus
Type species: Peridium hystrix Jørgensen 1900 (monotypic)
Described on page(s) : 132

Current identification/main database link: Phormacantha Jørgensen 1905

Original Description

Has the same four primary spines and the same three primary arches as Plectacantha. There is, however, also a ventral, sagittal spine, which is less strongly developed than the others (""der secundäre Mittelstachel Jørgensen, 1900, p. 77). The network, as in Plectacantha, is at a late stage and only imperfectly closed beneath.


Jørgensen, E (1905). The protist plankton and diatoms in bottom samples: Radiolaria. In, Nordgaard (ed.) Hydrographical and biological investigation in Norwegian Fjord. 49-151. gs O


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