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Classification: rads_cenozoic -> Pterocorythidae -> Podocyrtis
Sister taxa: Anthocyrtidium, Calocycletta, Lamprocyclas, Lamprocyrtis, Phormocyrtis, Podocyrtis, Pterocorys, Pterocorythidae inc sed, Tetracorethra, Theocorythium, Theocyrtis
Daughter taxa (time control age-window is: 0-800Ma)Granddaughter taxa
Podocyrtis acalles

neptune records: 11

Podocyrtis ampla

neptune records: 112
Podocyrtis ampla ampla

Podocyrtis apeza

neptune records: 152

Podocyrtis aphorma

neptune records: 6

Podocyrtis argulus

neptune records:

Podocyrtis chalara

neptune records: 242

Podocyrtis coronatus

neptune records: 5

Podocyrtis diamesa

neptune records: 126

Podocyrtis dorus

neptune records: 44

Podocyrtis fasciolata

neptune records: 54

Podocyrtis goetheana

neptune records: 220

Podocyrtis helenae

neptune records: 18

Podocyrtis mitra

neptune records: 254

Podocyrtis mitrella

neptune records: 1

Podocyrtis papalis

neptune records: 427

Podocyrtis phyxis

neptune records: 29

Podocyrtis platypus

neptune records:

Podocyrtis sinuosa

neptune records: 248

Podocyrtis trachodes

neptune records: 141

Podocyrtis sp.

neptune records: 2


Citation: Podocyrtis Ehrenberg 1847
Rank: genus
Basionym: Podocyrtis

Catalog entries: Podocyrtis

Original description: Apertura testae duplex opposita. Testa articulate, stricturis duabus aut pluribus corporis utroque fine coarctato appendicibus in artictilo ultimo (spinescentibus) pedicellata.

Translated description: Aperture of the test double, opposite. Test segmented, with two or more strictures. Body narrowing at each end. Last segment with spiny feet. (Translated from Latin by E.M.R. and W.R.R.)]




Biogeography and Palaeobiology

Similar species

Geographic distribution


Phylogenetic relations

Biostratigraphic distribution

Geological Range:
Last occurrence (top): at top of Chattian Stage (100% up, 23Ma, in Aquitanian stage). Data source: Total of range of species in this database
First occurrence (base): at base of Danian Stage (0% up, 66Ma, in Danian stage). Data source: Total of range of species in this database

Plot of occurrence data:


Ehrenberg, C. G. (1847). Uber die mikroskopischen kieselschaligen Polycystinen als machtige Gebirgsmasse von Barbados und uber das Verhaltniss der aus mehr als 300 neuen Arten bestehenden ganz eigenthumlichen Formengruppe jener Felsmasse zu den jetzt lebenden Tieren und zur. Bericht uber die zu Bekanntmachung geeigneten Verhandlungen der Koniglichen Preussische Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin. 1847: 41-60. gs V O


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